Exclusive: Marty Scurll Speaks On Who He'd Like To Face At 'All In', And The Shift That 'The Elite' Are Causing In Wrestling

Marty is coming down from the clouds after the 'All In' news today.

"The Villian" Marty Scurll is coming down from an all-time high as he played his part in the 'All In' show on September 1st selling out in shortly under thirty minutes. Yesterday afternoon during the 'All In' press conference a number of announcements were made and talents who are set for the show spoke about the forthcoming event. 

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Steven Muehlhausen was live at the press conference on behalf of Fightful and had the opportunity to speak with the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Marty Scurll and during their conversation he asked Marty to elaborate on the revolution that is currently transpiring in pro wrestling with an independent wrestling event that is self-financed selling out a 10,000 seat arena.

“We are punk rock, we are D.I.Y., we’re anti-establishment, I think that's why people think its cool." Scurll said. "Like everything is organic, everything is authentic so, we’re real. So yeah, I think that's why people… that's why they take to us, and we’re giving them content all the time with the YouTube show BTE (Being The Elite), you know, they are getting that interaction with us. We are probably getting more time with the viewer, building more [of a] relationship with the viewer than a mid-card guy gets or even a main event [guy gets]. They may get a two-minute segment, but we are doing a 15-20 minute episode every week. People get to see us and what we are up to, so you know, we’re aiming to make wrestling cool again. Hopefully we’re doing a good job." He said.

An NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match between the champion Nick Aldis and Cody is the only match that has been made official so far for 'All In'. Marty Scurll stated that he has no clue who he will be facing at the event but did specifically share that he would like to work someone who is not currently contracted to Ring Of Honor seeing as how he is contracted to Ring Of Honor and a match between two talents who work for the same company can happen at any time.

"I don’t know, its a whole bunch of guys I’d enjoy but I think what would be nice is, obviously I’m contracted to Ring Of Honor, so its going to be Ring Of Honor guys on the show. But, if I wrestle one of those guys that's a match I can do at Ring Of Honor. So, I’d like to think I could wrestle someone who isn’t a part of Ring Of Honor, and to do something new and do something different in America." Scurll expressed. "So, that's what I’d like to do but in terms of names... I legit don’t even know. Nothing’s been confirmed yet in terms of [the] card. People probably think I’m joking. Wrestling changes so much now, like Cody’s [tried] to put a card together like eight months ago like dude, things are gonna change between now and then you know. Loads of things could happen," he continued, "No one knows where everyone’s gonna be in September so yeah, I don’t know. In terms of choosing opponents, I wouldn’t say anything because obviously its going to steer one way and then maybe make a narrative as well true but, either way I'm hoping to be highlighted in a good position and put on a good performance for the 10,000 people."


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