J.J. Dillon Recalls The Time Vince Russo Yelled At Him While At WCW

J.J. Dillon's relationship with Vince Russo was a rocky one to say the least, with a shouting match occurring one time during their time working with WCW.

On "The List & Ya Boy" podcast, Dillon said he was the recipient of a very loud and angry Russo, but it was more of an isolated incident. Dillon said the two never interacted much despite working in both WWF and WCW. 

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"Vince Russo, one time when I was in WCW, came to my doorway and had a screaming match," Dillon said. "It was one-sided, he screamed, cut a promo on my doorway. My secretary was sitting outside. A short distance away, there was another office staff [present] and when he was done, he stormed away… It was an isolated incident."

Dillon also recalled the time the two of them were at a wrestling event in New York where Russo apologized to Dillon for yelling at him many years prior. The two shook hands at the end of the event after Russo and Dillon barely spoke to each other for hours throughout the entire event, despite sitting in the same table.  

"There was a show up in New York," Dillon said. "They had a who’s who [of wrestling names] like the Funks, they had Harley Race, they had all kinds of people there. I was there, Baby Doll was there and Vince Russo was there. They were like, ‘oh we wanted to put the managers together, we’ll put you and Vince Russo together.’ I never make any demands in an appearance, but I said just for comfort level, I don’t mind sitting at the same table, I understand the logic, just don’t sit [me and Vince] together. Put Baby Doll in the middle and they did. In the course of several hours that we were there signing, twice Vince got up and we never made eye contact nor made any verbal communication. The third time he got back up, when he came back, he stopped in front of me, turned, approached me, put his hand on the table and look at me and he said, ‘I owe you an apology. I was out of line.’ I said, ‘well it’s been a number of years and if you’re man enough to come to me and say I’m sorry and I’m man enough to say whatever feelings I had in the past, it’s done. This will never be mentioned again.’ I reached my hand out, he reached his hand and shook hands."

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