No Heat Between WWE And Snoop Dogg After AEW Appearance

It's a dog eat dog world, but apparently not for Snoop.

I'm sorry.

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Either way, Snoop Dogg appeared on night one of New Year's Smash for All Elite Wrestling on January 6 as co-promotion for TBS' Go Big Show. As Fightful Select reported shortly after, there seemed to be no issues with WWE for the Hall of Famer to appear, which should be standard anyway.

Can't believe this is something I am reporting on, but based on WWE sources, there's absolutely no heat on Snoop Dogg in WWE. Most we heard from said they expected him to do something promotional with AEW considering that he likes wrestling and since Cody Rhodes was a cast member with him on the Go Big Show. One source said that WWE doesn't have a deal with Snoop Dogg and doesn't own him, so there's no reason for any sort of heat just because they've worked together in the past.

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