Russo: I Watched Raw High Monday On Bubba Kush

I watched RAW high tonight . . . I really did.

Something had to change. Every Monday Night for the past two-plus years, I was FORCED to watch a show that literally robbed me of three hours I'd never get back -- every, single week.

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And, it's even longer than the three hours. My stomach actually starts turning two hours before the mess starts. Then, when it's finally over, I have to talk about it and write about it for another two hours. It's miserable, I tell ya -- the whole ordeal is miserable.

Some kind of change needed to be made. I just couldn't go through this torture every week. So I had an idea. Being that I live in Colorado and pot is legal, I figured I'd get high prior to RAW to see if that enhanced my viewing pleasure in any way, shape, or form.

So I bought some Bubba Kush, and I lit it up live on Youtube 15 minutes before the show started. Immediately, I could feel the magic ganja relax me. I honestly just didn't care about how bad the show was, it was like it didn't matter to me. There was no screaming at the TV, no blood pressure rising, just an air or relaxation and peace. About 90 minutes in I was fast asleep, and had to catch up on the show on my DVR, but I didn't care.  I just didn't care. Bubba Kush took off the edge.

So, here are my thoughts on RAW I experienced when I was high:

Cool with Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley as GMs. I personally would have went with Bryan and Bischoff---personal feelings aside.

Trying to set up a Raw vs. Smackdown ratings war in the vein of a Nitro vs. Raw ratings war is just utterly ridiculous.

Stephanie McMahon is the most horrible ad-libber I've ever seen on television period. Only scripted words should be allowed to come out of the Queen Bee's mouth. Stephanie tries to be natural, and she tries to be funny, but she's neither -- she's just awkward at best.

Ladies, and gentlemen, for the one hundreth time Owens/Zayn/Ceasaro/Jericho in some kind of match. I think it was the Kush talking, but I thought it was hysterical that Jericho and Zayn were both kicking their legs like school girls on the 1-2-3.

Why are they just jobbing Del Rio out? The one guy on the roster that arguably looks more like a wrestler than anybody else. What a waste.

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Nobody's characters, or stories, advanced during New Day/Cena/Enzo/Cass vs. Wyatts/ The Club -- nobody's. This meaningless match clearly told us that the fight on the Wyatt compound last week was an absolute rip off of TNA's Final Deletion, because by this week it was already forgotten. I hope Enzo doesn't become the guy they beat every week because it "won't hurt him." It will, trust me.

Though the Rollins empty arena promo was creative and entertaining. For some reason I was mesmerized with the logo on his T-shirt. Took me the whole promo to figure out what it said. Yup, the Kush talking.

I know I'm a bit high, but did Baron Corbin just run from a little person?

Women's tag, another meaningless tag, ob-la-de-ob-la-da life goes on.

Worst part, in my opinion, they made the WWE World Title seem like the most unimportant thing on the show. The draft far outweighed the Rollins/Ambrose match and it shouldn't have. If we're still going to "play" wrestling, the Heavyweight Title should still be the centerpiece. Not weaving that story throughout the entire three hours, they made it feel like it was "just another match".

The ending? If you were on the edge of your seat, great. For me, it lacked the execution, it lacked the drama, it lacked the call, well . . . it just lacked.

To me, this entire show just felt like a place holder until tomorrow's draft. It almost felt like a throw-away show -- a holiday show. None of the matches meant anything, including the main event due to lack of a proper build. But, the beauty? I wasn't mad, I wasn't upset, I just didn't care.

Thank you, Bubba.

By Vince Russo

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