Steve Maclin Talks About IMPACT Wrestling's Creative Process, His Tenure With The Company Thus Far

Steve Maclin has nothing but good things to say about IMPACT Wrestling.

Fans were intrigued when Steve Maclin, formerly known as Steve Cutler in WWE, popped up in IMPACT Wrestling following his WWE release. Maclin quickly made an, IMPACT, and impressed fans around the wrestling world with skills that he didn't get to show in WWE.

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In a new interview with Fightful, Maclin dove deep into his tenure with IMPACT, how creative works, and the past year of his career.

The last year of his career: "Yeah. I’m already lucky that IMPACT! has given me this platform to show me skills and what I knew I was the whole time. Now I’m building that confidence as well on myself, which is actually another level for me because it’s good to have these matches with a Sabin and a Jay White, having with Ishii and getting that door now to open up a little bit for New Japan down the road. I’m having a blast. You know I love pro wrestling."

IMPACT instilling confidence and trust in him: "I appreciate the confidence they have in me to put me in that position.That’s one of those things where I know I can step up when needed and that’s all I’ve been doing since I’ve been here. As soon as they hand me the ball, I’m running with it. There’s nothing to stop me."

IMPACT's creative process: "Yeah, it’s [much more] relaxed here. It’s [much more] sit here, throw ideas, they get the creative process they understand and we have communication. WWE has their style. That’s just the way they work. They’re an entertainment company. They have what they want and what Vince wants. It trickles down and that’s how it works. You have your input here and there, but if you’re at IMPACT, it’s [much more] open and very more back and forth conversation like, ‘Hey, I have this idea. How does this work?’ If [Vince] says no, ‘Okay, cool. What’s your thoughts?’ You just feed off each other."

Learning how IMPACT works as he goes along: "No, it’s just, like I said, [much more] relaxed. It’s been fun where I’ve got to know the producers. I’ve got to know the coaches that are here to help behind the scenes. I know Scott. It’s just communications is what it comes down to. It’s a smaller bubble and WWE, like I said, is an entertainment company where what Vince wants Vince wants and that’s how it’s going to go. It’s his show. Here it’s very open."

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