Thunder Rosa Talks Her Vlog, Taco Bell Diarrhea, And More

Thunder Rosa has been a runaway hit, and so has her vlog.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful spoke with Thunder Rosa about the success of her online content while in Orlando at AEW Revolution weekend.

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THUNDER ROSA: "People have been asking me to do the taco vlog with you."

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "I would love to."

THUNDER ROSA: "It’s getting very popular, actually."

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "I know! I watch it every week. Every time you do one."

THUNDER ROSA: "I just met this porn star, Alexa Moore, she’s like the nicest individual in the world. I just have some random stuff. I think it’s really helping me to get to another level and connect with the fans. I didn’t think it was gonna be that direct. It’s kind of weird."

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "It seems like its stretched outside of wrestling, too, which I really, really like. We see your personality, we see the personality of people you have on there in a different setting other than interviews. Like, I ain’t going and eating tacos with people."

THUNDER ROSA: "Have you ever done an interview eating with anybody?"

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "One time. Chris van Vliet because my boss was like, ‘Oh, let’s bring up room service,’ and he ordered all this room service. I was like, ‘How are we making money on this again?’ It’s a little bit different. But for me, that’s just not the setting in which my interviews usually are. I’ve gotta come to the talent hotel or come to where people are working. Stuff like that."

THUNDER ROSA: "Yeah, that’s true. It’s like the one thing I learned when I was in Japan, a lot of the sponsors, they would take us to dinner—well, they tried to get us drunk too, so we can entertain them—but for me, it’s like culturally being at the table with people, that’s where you get the best conversations."

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "Yes, I agree."

THUNDER ROSA: "I think bringing tacos into the conversation, which is cultural for my part, and bringing people into it because some people have never eaten tacos."

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "Real tacos even. Until two or three years ago, I had Taco Bell and that’s it. I don’t like it. It’s not good. It’s like meat paste."

THUNDER ROSA: "Don’t you get diarrhea every time you eat Taco Bell?"

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "Look, we’re not here to talk about my diarrhea or anything. Why? Do you?"

THUNDER ROSA: "I don’t."

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "That’s the headline."

THUNDER ROSA: "Apparently it’s like, ‘Thunder Rosa farted and the whole room smells like fart.’"

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "That’s a quote."

THUNDER ROSA: "Dude, I’m telling you. I can’t do anything any more. It’s always on the dirt sheet."

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "I’m sorry!"

THUNDER ROSA: "Yesterday someone said that I was hurt. I’m like, ‘I don’t know where this fucking came from.’ I haven’t said anything."


THUNDER ROSA: "I know, I know. But that’s what I’m saying. It’s the stupidest things now. It’s really funny. I think everybody because I’m always on Twitter. I’m trending somewhere somehow, you know? Which is totally fine. It’s part of being famous."

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "Man, hating on me for my lack of taco—listen, there’s a place in Lexington that I go to that has different kinds of tacos. But where I grew up, they didn’t have anything. Like nothing."

THUNDER ROSA: "Where are you from again?"

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "Middle of nowhere, between Cincinnati and Lexington and now I’ve moved to Lexington. There’s one good little place in Lexington. But, I don’t know, maybe we’ll see one day. We’ll take you out for tacos one day."

THUNDER ROSA: "When we get there, yes. We will."

SEAN ROSS SAPP: "Eventually it’ll happen. I’m sure it’ll happen."

You can see Thunder Rosa every week on AEW Dynamite, Wednesdays on TNT, you can check out her vlog at this link, and can support Mission Pro Wrestling at this link.

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