Utami Hayashishita Talks MARIGOLD, Queen's Quest, IYO SKY, More | Interview

The new women's wrestling promotion DREAM STAR FIGHTING MARIGOLD, or Marigold for short, will officially kick off on May 20th at Korakuen Hall. The promotion, started by STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa, will air it's first show "Marigold Fields Forever" live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE.

One of the biggest names to join the promotion is former World of Stardom Champion and Queen's Quest leader Utami Hayashishita.

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Ahead of the promotion's big debut, Fightful's Scott Edwards had the chance to interview Hayashishita. "The Red Queen" discussed a number of topics including why she left STARDOM, being the ace of Marigold, potentially facing IYO SKY, and more.

Here's what Hayashishita had to say!

Edwards: You left STARDOM and have followed Rossy Ogawa to be part of Marigold. Can you tell us a bit about the decision and what Ogawa has meant to your career to continue with him in his new venture?

Utami: "I left STARDOM believing in new possibilities. I'm looking forward to seeing myself as a new Utami Hayashishita, one that has never been seen before.
"I feel that Ogawa-san has always believed in my potential."

Edwards: What are your own personal goals as a member of Marigold? What do you hope for the promotion?

Utami: "I want to do many things that I couldn't experience in STARDOM. I'm looking forward to many matches with opponents I've never fought before, and I'm looking forward to teaming with wrestlers I've never teamed with before.
"Marigold is a fresh breeze into the world of women's professional wrestling."

Edwards: Being an Ace is a role many wrestlers want to experience in their career but few do. Do you want to be the Ace of Marigold? Or do you see yourself in a different role to help lead the promotion?

Utami: "Utami Hayashishita should be the ace of Marigold. I myself think so. I should be, I want to be, and I think I am.
"I worked hard as a unit leader in STARDOM. Next, I will go to the top of the women's wrestling world as the ace of this organization."

Edwards: Leaving Queen’s Quest had to be the toughest part about leaving STARDOM for you as we saw in your final shows. Now that you’ve left, how do you feel about leaving them after all you’ve been through with them? Will Queen’s Quest always be part of you — or are you ready to move on?

Utami: "They were like a family to me. It was a very sad and hard decision to leave my family. But I was excited to do something in a new place.
"I can only thank everyone at STARDOM and Queen's Quest for supporting my decision.
I believe that my success at Marigold will be my way of repaying everyone's kindness."

Edwards: Marigold’s first chance to show the world what the promotion is all about in the ring will be at WRESTLE MAGIC 2024. As you team with Giulia, Mai Sakurai, and MIRAI — will there be a mindset to showcase Marigold to the world in this match prior to the debut on May 20th?

Utami: "I hope that many people will use this opportunity to start watching Marigold.
"I think just having Utami Hayashishita and Giulia together on a team makes it a big event. I want people who don't know about pro wrestling to know that there is a cool, royal, and beautiful athlete named Utami Hayashishita."

Edwards: Now that you’ve departed from STARDOM, do you have your eyes on any wrestlers in particular you’d like to face?

Utami: "I have always wanted to fight against IYO SKY. It's a dream that's been hard to fulfill, because she went to WWE when I debuted. But I would like to make it happen someday.
"I am also interested in Rina Yamashita and VENY."

Edwards: Looking at the current landscape of Japanese wrestling where some of its biggest stars have left to go overseas and start a new journey. Do you see it as a challenge for yourself and other pro wrestlers to regroup and make Japanese pro wrestling bigger?

Utami: "I am very grateful that Japanese people are standing out in the world and promoting Japanese wrestling. It is something I totally respect. I look forward to facing those people in a ring in Japan one day."

Edwards: You’ve grown a lot as a pro wrestler over the years. What do you think has helped you evolve your style inside of the ring to where it is now?

Utami: "Back when I debuted, I was doing my best just doing my own thing. Now I can calm down and think about what is going on around me.
"I think about how to act and how to get closer to my ideals. Sometimes I study the movements of male idols, and sometimes I watch the movements of professional wrestlers."

Edwards: Was your decision to leave STARDOM caused by a desire for more freedom? If so, is there anything you're looking forward to doing now that you've left?

Utami: "I wanted to try out new things for myself. I want to do my best as Utami Hayashishita, not as Queen's Quest, not as STARDOM. I am looking forward to competing against people I have never competed against before."

Edwards: From the very beginning of your career, you were earmarked for some level of success because of your strong fundamentals. How do you think that initial pressure affected your career as you approach your 6th anniversary later this year?

Utami: "At first I was impatient with the pressure from everyone. However, that experience gave me a reason to do my best. I fought with the feeling that I would not give in to the pressure. It made me stronger."

Edwards: You had a brief excursion to America last year that allowed many fans who have never seen you compete live to do so. What was your reasoning for wanting to wrestle these matches in America and what were your main takeaways from your trip?

Utami: "I wanted to fight with powerful people in America. At that time, I went looking for things that I lacked.
"I met and talked with a lot of people in the U.S., and my ideas were broadened. It's very important to see and hear new opinions."

Edwards: Marigold Fields Forever on May 20th has one match announced so far. Who would you like to face at the first Marigold show?

Utami: "I am willing to work with anyone with whom I have no experience. I'm looking forward to it no matter who the opponent is. I will put the current Utami Hayashishita into action."

Edwards: You and Giulia have never gone one-on-one. Now that you are both leading Marigold into the future, how much interest do you have in that match?

Utami: "Well, we did have the chance. But because of injuries, we missed that chance.
"A singles match with Giulia sounds very interesting. I am very interested and I am sure all the fans are too. Let's look forward to that day that will surely come."

Edwards: Rossy Ogawa told Tokyo Sports that he would like to invite both IYO SKY and Kairi Sane to Marigold in the future. You’ve been very open about wanting to wrestle IYO SKY, as she’s the reason you joined STARDOM originally. Now that you’re in Marigold, what are your feelings toward wrestling IYO sometime in the future following Rossy’s invitation?

Utami: "Just thinking about if that time ever comes makes me smile. IYO SKY is someone I've been chasing for a long time, someone I've set my sights on. I can't help but look forward to it.
I want to tell her in the match, 'There's someone who has been chasing you, and her name is Utami Hayashishita!' But I'm afraid I'll freeze up with nervousness.... LOL!"

Edwards: While we still don’t know the championship situation in Marigold, a world title will eventually be introduced. You haven’t been world champion since 2021 and have changed so much as a pro wrestler since then. Is becoming a champion again, especially at the top of Marigold, something that is important to you moving forward?

Utami: "I believe the championship belt is necessary to become the ace of Marigold. The belt suits me, and it's a necessity for Utami Hayashishita. The belt will follow me to a new place where I will make her shine."

We'd like to thank Utami Hayashishita and Marigold for taking the time to help put this great interview together ahead of their big debut show.

Fightful also thanks Chiyoko. Chiyoko translated the questions from English to Japanese for Utami Hayashishita to answer. You can follow Chiyoko on X here: @chiyoko_asakura

Utami Hayashishita and the rest of the Marigold roster will kick things off on May 20th with "Marigold Fields Forever," live on WRESTLE UNIVERSE. The main event will see Giulia team with a mystery partner to face Sareee and her own mystery partner.

The remainder of the card, including Hayashishita's involvement, will be announced on May 5th at a fan event.

You can learn more about Marigold here.

You can follow Marigold on X through their Japanese (@DFS_Marigold) and English (@Marigold_Joshi) accounts.

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