Vince McMahon Wanted To Split New Day Several Times

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E aren't splitting up as a unit, even though they're already not together on TV in a lot of ways.

Big E has been sidelined with a broken neck, and now Kofi Kingston with an injured ankle but we're told that even before that, Vince McMahon made repeated attempts to split up the group while he was in charge.

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Fightful has heard from multiple people who have worked on the WWE creative team that also said that it was made clear dating years back that the trio did not want an on-screen fracture. However, we're told that Vince McMahon himself has pitched the split multiple times.

One particular pitch came after a decree from McMahon that Kofi & Xavier not be referred to as "New Day" without Big E present, which lasted a few weeks. After Xavier Woods won King of the Ring, we're told Vince McMahon pitched a Woods turn on Kofi because "it's what a King would do," but Woods specifically fought to not do the turn.

Vince was also adamant that the trio be split in the WWE Draft in recent years, only to later be adamant they needed to be reunited. Another pitch for a split happened after KofiMania, but the group fought it.

Some of the stories associated with this emerged after a former WWE writer Dave Schilling posted that Vince McMahon said "FUCK EM," to the WWE audience not liking the Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin angle or booking.

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