Young Bucks SHOOT SOFTLY On Kevin Owens, Tony Khan, Thunder Rosa, FTR, Shaq

The Young Bucks have shown off a new brash, cocky demeanor, but that doesn't keep them from being nice.

Fightful looks to launch some positivity into your eyes and ears, really your faces in general. We asked the Young Bucks to SHOOT SOFTLY on a number of prominent figures in wrestling.

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Kevin Owens:

Nick: "There's a lot to say. We have such a history with him. We still talk to him to this day. We love him. He's great!"

Matt: "He was one of the guys who took us under his wing in the early days. He saw something special in us and I think he knew we were going to be apart of the new crop of the top indie guys, and he attached himself to us. He's one of the very first people who gave us a rub. Just being friends with him by association and being involved with him in storylines and having matches with him people immediately accepted that we were cool. We'll never forget that."


John Silver

Nick: "Oh my God, (laughs) who would have known. He's so good and I'm just so happy that we've been able to give him this platform to show how funny he really is."

Matt: "He has that natural wit and charm. People are attracted to him and I'm so glad that people are finally getting to see it."



Nick: "I got goosebumps seeing him stand up for me and Matt - as soon as we got backstage - and gave us a standing ovation after our FTR match. The ten-year-old me would have cried his eyes out. I'm a massive NBA fan, so obviously Shaq is a huge part of that and for him to enjoy a match that we had, that was so crazy to me."

Matt: "He's genuinely the largest person I've ever seen in my entire life."

Fightful: When you signed with AEW, and Nick you being a big NBA fan, did your mind immediately get racing, hoping for some crossover?

Nick: "Oh, right away! That was literally the first thing I thought of because I watch TNT religiously."

Fightful Same, that's the thing, if the same game is on ESPN, I prefer to watch it on TNT. I want to hear Shaq and Barkley talk trash to each other. When I see Shaq out there, I'm hoping they get Barkley to just talk trash to him during whatever match he's in. 

Nick: "Oh, that's a great idea!"


Tony Khan

Nick: "Tony's a genius. Man, I'm just so happy that he took this risk and took us all in. He really changed so many lives and that's one thing I always thank him for is helping so many wrestlers out. I'm so happy that he gave us a chance."

Matt: "He changed our lives. He did everything that he said he was going to do, and he did, and that doesn't happen often in this business."


Thunder Rosa:

Matt: "She's great. Super solid. I think one of the best that has come through. I hope that we can do a lot more stuff with her because she's got something special. I love her look too."

Nick: "Completely agree, she's awesome."



Nick: "One of the best tag teams I've ever been in the ring with."

Matt: "Nobody takes wrestling more seriously than them. They eat, breathe and sleep this business. It was intimidating watching them come in 4 or 5 months before we wrestled them and just seeing the way that they did things and put so much thought into this. I don't know if I've ever met two more passionate guys about the business than those guys. I'm so glad that they're on our team."

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