Freddie Prinze Jr Recalls Natalya Slapping Harry Smith In Promo Class

Natalya broke a rule in promo class.

During his time as a writer in WWE, Freddie Prinze Jr also helped run promo class as he helped wrestlers get their characters across on television better. During one session, Natalya and Harry Smith (Davey Boy Smith Jr) were going back and forth and Natalya took exception to something Harry said.

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Freddie recalled the story on his Wrestling With Freddie podcast.

"We're in promo class. The rules are there are no make out sessions allowed and there is no beating each other up. These seem like reasonable requests as far as acting coach and the talent in the room. I feel like everyone should be able to follow these rules. Apparently not," said Freddie.

He continued, telling the story of Natalya breaking the rules.

"It was little Nattie Neidhart who decided to break out. Her and Harry are in there. It's repetition and they're going back and forth about...I don't remember. 'You ain't shit. No, you ain't shit.' Whatever it was. They are going back and forth and they're getting closer and closer. Everyone knows there is no chance of any [kissing] because TJ has been with Nattie forever. I'm like, 'this is weird, where is this going?' We're doing points, so if you change up the sentence, the other person gets a point and it's over when one person gets three points. They change it up and he says something to Nattie about, 'That's why you are where you are and I am where I am.' Nattie just -- Richard Pryor had a joke about wanting to be a boxer until he got hit with a hook and it goes, 'I saw his hand start down in Mississippi, it gained speed through Texas,' I'm watching Nattie throw this right hand and it's like a John Wu movie. It's full slow motion, I'm pretty sure a bunch of doves took flight behind it. Harry's hands are by his side and he's sticking his chin out like 'What.' Nattie's hook, and open hand hook, it's like a Godfather slap. WAPOW! It sounds like two two-by-fours smashing together, simulating a gunshot. Everyone in the class gasps. I jump out of my seat and go, 'WHAT THE F.' I'm not mad, I'm scared. It's the loudest shot I've ever heard in my life. Harry looks at me with a friggin smile on his face like, 'Bro, it's all good,' like nothing happened. To this day, I've never heard anyone get hit that hard in my life. I'm including UFC kicks. That ain't shit compared to this Canadian right hand that gained speed through Alberta and made contact in whatever city we were in," he recalled.

Natalya and Harry Smith were aligned on television alongside TJ Wilson as the Hart Dynasty.

Elsewhere during the podcast, Freddie revealed how he felt he let down the Harty Dynasty and The Usos as he tried to get tag team wrestling over. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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