Hacksaw Jim Duggan Hospitalized With "Serious Infection," Upcoming Signing Canceled

Hacksaw Jim Duggan is one of the most iconic wrestling figures of the 1980s. With his unrelenting patriotic pride beaming through the TV screen and his signature two-by-four by his side, Duggan was even able to become King of the WWE during the days when Hulkamania ruled pro wrestling.

Unfortunately, the legend has been hospitalized, according to a report from PWInsider. Duggan's wife revealed on Instagram that he had two operations in the span of 24 hours for a "serious infection" and added that they believe the got all of the infection, but Duggan will remain hospitalized for a few more days. Duggan was supposed to do an autograph signing during the Legends of the Ring convention in New Jersey on September 21, but that appearance has since been canceled.

Duggan, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011, was hospitalized during last Thanksgiving because of an irregular heartbeat.

During an interview with WrestlingInc during WrestleMania weekend this year, Duggan said the following about his holiday hospitalization, "My heart went out of rhythm. They tried to shock it from the outside which didn't work. So, they went in and did a procedure called an ablation where they went in and shocked my heart and got it back into rhythm. So, thank God everything is going good."

We here at Fightful wish Duggan a speedy recovery.