Jack Evans Defends The Way He And Angelico Are Used By AEW, Discusses Flaws Early On In Their Run

Jack Evans understands that TV time is a sacred commodity and in the face of criticism towards how he and Angelico are booked in AEW, Jack is putting the onus on himself to put together a more complete package.

AEW’s tag team division is loaded. The Hybrid 2, Jack Evans and Angelico are a part of that stacked division and are mostly used on AEW Dark. Because of this, fans of the duo feel they are used poorly by AEW.

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Jack Evans took the time to respond to these criticisms in a Twitter thread where he underscored the importance of television time and making sure that as an act, you are doing the most to bring your best to television. Jack would also use the Twitter thread to suggest that his tag team partner is chomping at the bit for an opportunity and suggested that wrestling schools start teaching how to pitch angles for yourself so that you are more prepared when you get to this stage in the game. 

(This thread has been edited for clarity)

I keep seeing stuff like this and honestly, we haven't.  There [are] 2 hours to fill and they don't want to have 2-3 minute matches just to stick more people on TV, so there is going to be some downtime as new people are rotated into angles. On top of this there are little things the fans aren't privy to. 

For instance, my ring cardio was at such a low point (I have improved it 200% now) that in my match with Kenny we had to cut a good 5 minutes out because I was done, or other little things. For instance, to the annoyance of Angelico, I have been pulling schitz styles on everything from in-ring character, gear and all the way to if we need to do more or less "cool moves" as a heel team.

On top of it all, and someone needs to formulate a way to teach this in wrestling schools, we straight suck at pitching angles. This is an email to the bookers: "So like, give me a mic and I talk some shit, and then like we fight and stuff," which when you have a booking crew that is already overloaded, they want something a bit more concrete than that. So there is much more that goes into who gets a push and who doesn't than people think.

When you have limited TV time, and everyone wants it, you have to be sure that whoever you are giving that TV time/push to, that they are ready to go on all cylinders, and up until recently, we haven't been. Or at least me.  Angelico has been pulling his hair out waiting.

Evans also recently revealed an injury he suffered that is keeping him out of the ring. Learn more about that at this link.

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