Jinder Mahal Is Getting A WWE Title Shot, NXT Tag Team Debut On Smackdown

Raise your hand if you thought Jinder Mahal would ever get a WWE Title shot.

Put your hand down.

Jinder Mahal became number one contender for the WWE Championship Tuesday, winning a six-pack challenge match. Sami Zayn, Mojo Rawley, Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper also participated in the match. After, Mahal cut a promo, putting over his wealth, education, and ability to speak two languages.

NXT tag team The Bollywood Boyz debuted on the show, helping Mahal win the match by holding Sami Zayn's legs.

The match was Jinder Mahal's first singles win on Raw or Smackdown since September 12.

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