Johnny Impact Points To Elix Skipper & AJ Styles As Early TNA Influences

Johnny Impact was recently interviewed by Interactive Wrestling Radio on Wrestling Epicenter. You can see highlights of the interview below, and the full interview at this link.

he crazy media day in Nashville: 
"I am in Nashville. We just finished a media day promoting the first pay-per-view of 2019, Homecoming, at the Asylum where Impact Wrestling began in the early 2000's."

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The loyalty to Impact in the Nashville area: 
"A lot of people I have talked to today are die-hard fans of Impact Wrestling and have been since the very beginning. It felt really cool! It really struck me today... Going back to its roots, the journey always takes you home... That kind of thing. It is one thing to say it but to be on the ground and talk to people that are excited for Impact to come back really hit home with me today."

He watched many of the Impact Asylum era PPV's in 2002-2004: 
"Absolutely. I would say I was a fan. I was aware of Impact Wrestling. But, at the time, I was kind of in the WWE developmental bubble which was pretty time consuming and almost all inclusive. (laughs) But, Elix Skipper, AJ Styles, and a lot of those guys that were at Impact at that time I was a fan of and still am to this day. But, now that I've been with Impact Wrestling for over a year, I feel like I've got a much better grasp on the company, its history, and its roots."

The charm of the Asylum venue: 
"I love it, man. I've wrestled there a few times before. It is such a cool venue! First of all, it has the nostalgia of Impact there. But, the other times I've wrestled there, it always has this electricity. I think that's why Impact started in Nashville and Nashville became the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling from day one. The people of Nashville are wrestling fans and they're really cool to wrestle in front of. That, and the building is really cool! There are a lot of reasons to come down to Homecoming on January 6th or to the TV tapings on January 7th... Before the Asylum closes. I've heard it is getting remodeled sometime soon."

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