Josh Barnett Felt Like He And Jim Ross Were Disrespected By Jay White At G1 Special

Josh Barnett was not happy with Jay White at the G1 Special. 

After the NJPW G1 Special, Jim Ross ended up needing medical evaluation for what he thought might be broken ribs. The injury happened during the IWGP United States Championship match between Jay White and Juice Robinson. The Champion White threw Robinson into some guardrails including the one in front of Jim Ross and Josh Barnett's commentary table. Ross ended up on the floor and Josh Barnett stood up and pursued White. 

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On the Jim Ross Report, Barnett explained what was going through his mind during the match. He said NJPW does have "rouge elements" because some of the roster tend to do their own thing despite prescribed directives from the promotion. 

Ross asked Barnett about White taunting him and how it made him feel. 

"That was the crowning moment there. Everything happened so damn fast. As soon as that table hit, you (Ross) were gone," said Barnett. "Juice Robinson, 235-pounds getting half-hatch suplexed into a steel railing into a table... you were down quick. They got ahold of you and I knew your were being attended to...I felt like it wasn't just me but we were getting disrespected and that was it," he continued. 

Both Ross and Barnett said Robinson and White authentically apologized and said it did not affect how they commentated the rest of the match in a negative way. Barnett said he "lectured" the two wrestlers. 

Ross and Barnett also criticized the ring crew for not linking the guardrails together before the event which allowed them to move more when hit which caused the ring bell operator to be hurt too. 

Some of Barnett and Ross' comments can be heard in the following tweet. 

The full podcast can be found on the Westwood One podcast network


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