Josh Matthews Feels That 'Redemption', Slammiversary And 'Bound For Glory' Were Best PPV's Of 2018

Josh Matthews touts IMPACT's highly successful pay-per-views.

2018 has been in the books for two weeks and there was a lot of wrestling action that occurred during the year including some highly regarded pay-per-views and matches. Three of those highly regarded pay-per-views came by way of IMPACT Wrestling when they ran their 'Redemption' show in April, 'Slammiversary XVI' in July and their biggest show of the year 'Bound For Glory' in October. Once those respective shows were over, IMPACT Wrestling officials such as Don Callis and Scott D'Amore expressed their excitement with how well the events were received and fellow IMPACT commentator Josh Matthews echoed that same excitement when he guest appeared on Sam Roberts' 'Notsam Wrestling' podcast and stated that he feels IMPACT had three of the top pay-per-views of 2018.

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“Well I think when you look at 2018 and you look at our pay-per-views between Redemption, Slammiversary and B.F.G. I think we had three of the best pay-per-views of any wrestling company of the year, especially Slammiversary. It was quickly acclaimed. So I think having great pay-per-views is a good start and to even talk about a traditional pay-per-view in 2019, I don’t think I would’ve thought that we would be having this conversation a couple years ago but through things like FITE TV and different streaming services, pay-per-views can still be a thing and big shows can be a thing and I just think that you know -- our calender’s booked until April so everyone knows where we’re gonna be through April." He continued, "I think that the stigma or the worry that IMPACT’s gonna go out of business, I think can be put to rest for the next five to seven years and I don’t know if anyone has been able to say that about this company in a long time but I think that the direction of 2018 was to, ‘Lets figure this thing out’ and '19 is, ‘Okay, figure it out and lets really get some power behind this’ and I think that’s where we are going into 2019 so you know, there’s things that are happening that are exciting and you just have to see if those things come to fruition then it’s doing the work once we get there.”


Fightful has reviews of 'Redemption', Slammiversary XVI and 'Bound For Glory' up on our YouTube channel. IMPACT held their 'Homecoming' pay-per-view this past Sunday and to read the results from that show, head over to Fightful's "results" section.

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