Mikey Rukus Reveals AEW's Theme Songs Are Played Lower In The Arena By Design

AEW’s music producer, Mikey Rukus pulled back the curtain on a multitude of topics concerning the growing brand that he’s helping formulate the soundtrack for.

For decades now, music has been such an integral part of the professional wrestling presentation. Iconic theme songs such as Hulk Hogan's Real American by Rick Derringer and the Stone Cold Steve Austin theme song composed by Jim Johnston are forever etched into the pop culture zeitgeist.

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In a Reddit AMA, Mikey Rukus, who by his own admission it's responsible for 99.5% of all of the theme songs in All Elite Wrestling, took the time to answer some fan questions regarding the theme songs and the musical presentation of the brand overall.

One particular topic touched upon what is the volume of the music played over the PA system and how it has a washed-out vibe compared to WWE themes. Rukus would reveal that this is by design, and more in line with the sports-centric presentation that AEW is looking to champion.

“This is done by design. In terms of a sports based presentation, when you watch UFC, or any other sporting event, the music is all in house. The focus is on the overall atmosphere rather than pushing the music 1000% front and center. Just a different approach and I've come to enjoy it,” said Rukus.

In the AMA, he also reveals that he was not involved with the Kenny Omega theme song. You can read the AMA by clicking here.

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