Montez Ford: I Told Nick Khan, 'If You Need Someone To Step Into The Octagon, I'll Be That Guy'

Montez Ford is ready to step into the Octagon.

With WWE and UFC merging to form TKO, the crossover opportunities have been highly talked about, and come to fruition on a couple of occasions with UFC fighters appearing on WWE TV and WWE superstars taking in UFC events.

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Montez Ford would welcome taking things a step further.

"I don't think people know, but yes, I was in the military and I was also a brown, almost a black belt in the military as well. Now not only do I have hand-to-hand combat experience, but I got life experience," Ford told Liam Crowley of ComicBook. "Bobby said I would do exceedingly well especially because he knows my training regimen and my drive. He knows by getting some assistance in that area, I should do exceedingly well. I can throw hands with anybody here backstage, including this one (Angelo Dawkins). I don't get tired unlike some people. I'm very motivated to do so. I even told Nick Khan, I said, 'Hey, I know you're doing all these crossovers, but if you need somebody to do another crossover and step to the octagon, I'll be that guy."

Asked what weight class he would compete in Ford said, "I think the weight that people need to be worried about is whatever weight I decide to do, because I'm throwing hands. I put it right here officially on ComicBook right now: If anybody truly feels like if I cross over, that they could just take me down very easily because I'm not so used to this field and UFC, tell 'em to holler at me. As the wrestlers say, for shoot. I'm ready. If they want to do something in the octagon, if they want to place me in a crossover event, WWE versus UFC, I would gladly be that representation. Right now we don't have any more representation. I would definitely be the representation."

It is unknown if Ford will ever step into the Octagon.

Ford is currently part of WWE SmackDown where he teams with Angelo Dawkins as the Street Profits.

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