MVP Discusses The Boom Of Independent Wrestling And How The Young Bucks Are A Big Part Of It

MVP with some props for the Young Bucks.

While in his home-state of Florida, the first-ever IWGP Intercontinental Champion MVP was interviewed by Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald after a Coastal Championship Wrestling show. The two parties discussed a number of topics including the boom of independent wrestling right now. Most feel that at the forefront of that boom are the likes of Cody, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll and although they are contracted to companies they are paving a way for themselves without the support of a billion dollar corporation like WWE.

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MVP stated that it makes him feel good knowing the sport that he loves is in good hands with the crop of talent that is currently in it. MVP went on to speak about how he may not like how The Young Bucks perform in the ring but he is still a fan and respects that they were able to turn themselves into stars on their own.

"So to see the success that guys like Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks and… I’m seeing Hot Topic. Before if you went into Hot Topic and you wanted a wrestling shirt it was a WWE wrestling shirt and now you can get Marty Scurll The Villain, so, I’m very happy to see that because I love the fact that right now in professional wrestling you can make a living as a professional wrestler without ever having wrestled for WWE and just a few years ago that was virtually impossible, and now you have people that… you know, The Young Bucks, have never seen Vince McMahon’s television but they make more money than a lot of people on Vince McMahon’s television so, you know, you gotta love and respect the lane they've created.” MVP explained. “Lets look at All In, you know with Cody and these guys--they sold out, a what? 10,000 tickets or something like that so, you know, I do these interviews all the time and I talk about the old-timers, the old school guys. The, ‘Aww, the Young Bucks, they’re doing it wrong’.  Apparently they’re not doing it wrong and they got… their licensing, their names for bobble-heads and t-shirts and they’re selling out 10,000 seat arenas, they’re not doing it wrong.” He continued, “And I’ve always said, with the Young Bucks, I’m a fan of the Young Bucks. I’m not a fan of their style of wrestling, but I am a fan of them for finding their own lane and, you’re not doing it wrong if people are buying tickets to see it. So, at the end of the day, I’m very happy to see how accessible pro wrestling is now in this information age--with all of the different platforms, and the clock’s ticking for me. My career is coming to a close and I know I’ve got a few years left. I still feel pretty decent, I got a little gas left in the tank.” MVP said. “But [it] feels good to know that the industry’s in good hands, its healthy, it’s gonna be just fine and when I’m gone I see some of the new talent coming along behind me, that they leave me feeling very confident that you know, my craft, my passion, my profession, as I said is in very good hands."



MVP recently announced that he was departing from Major League Wrestling. For more information on that, click here.

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