Nick Aldis Hopes For A Standalone NWA Broadcast Soon

After holding NWA, TNA, Global Force Wrestling world championships, Nick Aldis was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights below, and the full interview at this link.

If it is different working a huge venue versus a more studio sized venue:
"Not really because I do that a lot. It is sort of a throwback but we're not doing it to be a throwback. We're not doing these things to be a throwback to the NWA of old. I'm a television guy. Don't get me wrong. I love being in a big arena. I love the big fight feel. But, for anything outside of WWE, you're not going to experience that every single week. That's just not sustainable for anything that doesn't have their resources. We're also living in a digital world where people want their content delivered right away, it needs to be high quality, and there has to be a certain style to the delivery. For us, we see the opportunity in working with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Championship Wrestling from Arizona because of the production quality. For me, I want to give every single person in the building an experience they won't forget. But, we are working to the cameras. When you watch the Tonight Show, you don't think, "Well, I bet there's only 500 people in the audience!" You're watching what they're doing. For me, being a student of a game, it is nice to adapt and have to use different skill sets."

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How he and Mickie James manage being a family with their busy schedules:
"Sure, it is difficult. But, it is not impossible. I would make this point to anyone who asks this. Yes, there are times... My July is nuts. I go to San Anoonio, TX. Then I go to Mesa, AZ. Then I go to Australia... Then I go to Ring of Honor. Yes, there are times it is difficult to be away from my son. There are also guys who are gone 8 hours a day everyday... Or maybe 10 hours a day with commute. Whereas, when I'm home, I'm home all day long. Even if I'm having to work and do stuff at the house, he's there with me. If I go to the gym, he goes to the kids zone at the gym. We play football in the park. He definitely is not starved for parenting, attention, or love. It is just that he gets it in a different time frame."


The progression of the NWA under Billy Corgan:
"I would be certain that in the near, not too distant future, there will be a stand alone NWA broadcast. I can't speak to the delivery system. That all is a business decision. When you talk about the vision of the NWA and the progression of it, we went from... We're coming up to very close to a year to where Billy bought the rights to the brand. Right away, people were scratching their heads, "Why did he do this? What did he buy?" Fast forward 3 months, people are like "Oh, the're going to do this.. I don't get it." Fast forward six months, people are saying "This is interesting. I kind of like this 10 Pounds of Gold show." Fast forward to September 1st, our vision culminates in front of 10,000 people with the NWA World Heavyweight Title on the line in the main event."

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