PCO Says That He's Always Had The Charisma That He's Currently Displaying, And Shares The Goals He Has Set For Himself

PCO has always had the tools. 

The 50-year old former 3-time WWF Tag Team Champion PCO has rejuvenated his career and become one of the more popular wrestlers on the independent scene. PCO will also be partaking in this year's PWG BOLA tournament and has garnered himself a following from today's crop of wrestling fans.

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Coming out of a match, PCO sat down to speak with Alicia Atout of 'AMBY' and during their discussion PCO shared that he's always asked where does the charisma that he displays come from. PCO stated that he has always had charisma but there was never an opportunity to present it because he was always placed in a role or given a character that had no relation to who he is as person in some ways.

“Its something that I’ve been explaining quite a bit lately is everybody’s like, ‘You’re so charismatic, what’s up with that charisma?' Its just that I was never placed in a position where I had the character, the proper character who was really fitting my personality." PCO said. "So, I had to play a role, and now my role, the role that I play its basically myself so, with myself but I got a daughter, I’m good with her, I’m not like… its over exaggerated but its myself.” He said. “Deep down inside, its me but on a larger scale. Me in the ring and me in those videos and me doing all those things its just a part of me, on a larger scale.” 

Following Game Changer Wrestling and Joey Janela's 'Spring Break II' joint-event, PCO gained a great deal of followers on social media and fans of his work in general. His showing at the event led to him being booked for numerous shows and as mentioned he was the first competitor announced for this year's BOLA tournament. PCO has goals set for himself on the independent wrestling scene which stem from wanting to show the world that this is what he's always been about but he was just never given the opportunity to show it. PCO went on to speak highly of his trainer who is to be accredited for a part of the resurgence of Carl Ouellet.

“I think… it’s not the fact that I wanna destroy everybody, I just want to prove to the world, like, everything that I envisioned when I was 16 years-old." PCO said. "The way that I envisioned myself, its like I’ve been labeled different names or people sometimes tag you with something and I always say to everybody that’s listened to me, ‘Don’t let no one decided for you who you are going to be’, and I just feel that when I crossed roads with Destro who is my trainer in real life, and that’s when I said, everything we do as a promo or as a vignette or part of the wrestling deal, its a part of a real story in life on a larger scale so he’s really my trainer. So when I crossed roads with him and we did the video on that and we amplified that but its true, it totally changed the course of my life because, then, because he’s known for the feat of strengths that he’s been doing for 40 years so then he says, ‘Why don’t you introduce that into your character’ and we [started] to gel and [build] that chemistry together, and now we’re working together and it was just like, I’ve been waiting for a moment like that all my life. My career, its happening at a… you could say I’m a late bloomer.” PCO jokingly stated.



To read up on the rest of the names in this year's BOLA tournament, click here. If you are going to use any of the quotes above, please credit 'AMBY' with an H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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