Randy Orton Thinks He'll Be Done At 50, Says His Contract Has Him Working 80 Shows A Year

Randy Orton is doing some of the best work of his career and having some of the most fun of his career alongside Riddle.

Orton has always been known for his methodical in-ring style and not taking as many high-spot bumps as some of his peers. The ability to work smarter has allowed for Orton to have longevity in the sport and he believes he can continue until he's 50.

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"I'm 41, by the time I'm 50, I think I'm done," Orton said on the Ringer Wrestling show. "I'll do auditions every once in awhile, but I almost only do them because my wife says, 'do them because what if you don't and then you'll wonder what if you did.' I do auditions here and there, crossing my fingers that I don't get a callback because I love what I do. I don't want to stop and I don't want to have to stop because of my body. I've taken it upon myself to make sure I do everything I can upon the daily to where physically I'm able to continue. If it's up to me, and I knew physically it wouldn't be a problem, I'd say I'd wrestle until I'm 50 and I would go out and have that last match when I'm 50 and be able to say I did it on my own terms. That's nine years from now. I don't see an end to my career anytime soon, I'd like to continue to go."

Orton has earned legend status in WWE and could seemingly work a part-time schedule where he only comes in for major events.

During the conversation, Orton revealed that he already has a more limited schedule than others, but he wants to stay active.

"That sought after 'WrestleMania, get the summer off, come back for SummerSlam, disappear until Survivor Series,' I think Shawn Michaels was doing that, Undertaker was doing that for a while. I don't want to do that. I think that burns you out. Wrestling once a week for me would be ideal. That's kind of where I'm at right now, schedule-wise, I don't think anyone knows this and I don't care if they do, I'm maybe one of the only guys who has an amount of dates that I'm contractually obligated to do and that's 80, 80 shows a year. Sounds like a lot, but after you do one TV a week, one pay-per-view a month, you're left with 15 to 20 live events. Those are the Saudi Arabias, European tours, Madison Square Garden live events," he said.

Orton continued, saying he'll take time off if he needs it.

"With me wrestling once a week, I'm able to kind of keep the joints lubed and feel like I'm in shape enough to continue to do it. If I take a bad bump and hurt my neck, I'll take a week off. That's what's going to make me be able to wrestle until I'm 50. I'll take the week off. You have a lot of guys who will wrestle through these injuries. That's how it used to have to be. You weren't paid if you weren't working. If you didn't show up to that Garden show, you weren't getting paid. The pay structure has changed to where, I'm getting paid no matter what. I'm going to do whatever shows they want me to do and I'm going to do them to the best of my ability, but there are 80 of them. If I keep that number 80 or less and if that number goes down maybe a few every year, I'm good. I don't want to have two shows a year because that's when you do a moonsault off the top rope to the floor and two 30-year veterans don't catch you and you almost break your neck. wink wink," Orton said, poking fun at Shawn Michaels returning at Saudi Arabia to team with Triple H against The Undertaker & Kane.

Elsewhere during the interview, Orton explained why he's having so much fun with Riddle. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

Orton is set to compete in the WWE Royal Rumble on Saturday. You can view the current lineup for the show by clicking here.

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