RAW Results & Videos 12-19: Roadblock Aftermath; Jeri-KO vs Reigns & Rollins, Braun Strowman Rampage

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That's how KO and Chris Jericho start the episode.

Kevin says he had no idea that Chris was going to do what he did last night.

That Codebreaker hurt, KO says, but not as much as when he thought he lost Jericho as a best friend.

Jericho says that Codebreaker says hurt him a lot more than it hurt Kevin.

But he had to make the mutton-heads believe that he wasn't still friends with Kevin, so he could spring his trap.

He also accuses Santa of stealing his gimmick, making lists, and he puts Santa on the List of Jericho.

Mick Foley comes out and reminds Jeri-KO that heel Roman and heel Seth put them through the announce tables.

Kevin and Chris make fun of Mick Foley's terrible outfit.

Mick says that there's gonna be a tag team match later tonight, and at the Royal Rumble, an Owens vs Reigns rematch, with Jericho suspended in a Shark Cage.

They bring the shark cage down.

Chris Jericho says that it looks unsafe, he somehow gets in the cage, Foley locks him in, saying that he has the key in his fannypack.

Oh, did I not mention? Foley is wearing a fannypack.

He doesn't have the key in it.

The cage is raised, accidentally (?)

This whole segment was so nutso terrible, I'm pretty sure I must have dreamed it.

While on LSD.

I guess, they're going to find the key and get Jericho out of the cage before the next segment, but maybe not?



Jericho has Elevation Sickness.

Because the cage was so high.

Get it?

They're giving him oxygen.

Jericho is hyperventilating.

Kevin Owens tells him to get over it because they have a match later.

Against Heel Roman and Heel Seth.


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