AEW Dark 5/19/20 Results: Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, Hikaru Shida, Private Party & More In Action!

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Hikaru Shida vs. Dani Jordyn

The match begins with Shida getting Jordyn in a headlock, Jordyn gets free and she exchanges shoulder tackles with Shida until Jordyn goes down. Jordyn recovers and she catches Shida with a hip toss, Shida fights back and she nails Jordyn with a back breaker. Shida leaves the ring before nailing a trapped Jordyn with a running knee strike, Jordyn fights back to kick Shida in the head and then land a rope assisted DDT for a near fall. Jordyn then catches Shida in a bridging arm bar, Jordyn releases the hold and she exchanges forearm strikes with Shida. Jordyn misses a thrust kick and Shida nails her with a running knee strike, Shida follows up by landing a missile drop kick for a near fall. Shida then nails Jordyn with an enziguri before eating a release German suplex, Shida recovers and she hits Jordyn with a knee strike for a near fall. Shida hits Jordyn with another knee strike and a falcon arrow for a three count.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

QT Marshall vs. Clutch Adams

The match begins with Marshall backing Adams into the corner before eating a shot to the midsection, Marshall fights back and he drops Adams with a right. Marshall then focuses his attack on the arm of Adams, Adams gets free and he lands a knee strike followed by multiple strikes to the midsection of Marshall. Marshall recovers and he nails Adams with a few strikes before landing a suplex, Adams then sends a charging Marshall out of the ring. Marshall gets back in and Adams lands a knee left to the injured midsection, Adams then stomps away on a downed Marshall. Adams follows up by dropping Marshall on the top rope for a near fall, Marshall fights back and Adams whips him into the corner. Marshall back body drops a charging Adams out of the ring and onto the entrance ramp, Marshall then clotheslines Adams back into the ring. Marshall also cracks Adams with a few jabs and a flat liner, Adams recovers and he backs Marshall into the corner. Adams follows up by slamming Marshall face first into the mat below, Marshall recovers to hit Adams with a cutter for a three count.

Winner: QT Marshall

Marko Stunt vs. Jason Cade

The match begins with Cade backing Stunt into the corner before eating a bunch of strikes, Stunt knocks Cade out of the ring. Cade gets back in and Stunt lands a drop kick, Cade then rolls up Cade before landing a leg lariat for a near fall. Stunt avoids a charging Cade before landing a springboard elbow drop for a near fall, Cade recovers and he sends Stunt neck first into the top rope. Cade then corners Stunt before landing a ton of strikes, Stunt fights back and Cade levels him with a forearm strike. Stunt fights back again and Cade nails him with more strikes before landing a hard Irish whip into the corner, Stunt lands a few strikes and Cade drops him again. Cade misses a charge in the corner and Stunt misses one a few moments later, Stunt gets to the top rope and Cade trips him up before landing an elevated DDT for a near fall. Stunt recovers to hit Cade with a poison rana and hurricarana, Cade leaves the ring and Stunt nails him with a suicide dive. Stunt gets Cade back into the ring and Cade goes to the middle rope, Stunt gets Cade off the ropes with a power bomb before landing a 450 splash for a three count.

Winner: Marko Stunt

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