AEW Dark Results 02/02/21 Rey Fenix, SCU, Joey Janela, Tay Conti, Thunder Rosa, plus more in action

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- We are welcome to AEW Dark by Excalibur, Anthony Ogogo, and Taz.

M’Badu, Terrence & Terrell Hughes vs. Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto

They begin the opening AEW Dark match with Nick Comoroto and Terrell Hughes, Comoroto pushes right down, and Terrell Hughes is tagged in right away. Comoroto does the same to Terrell, and he points to M'Badu and wants him in the ring. The Hughes Brothers attack Comoroto from behind, but Comorot takes both down with a powerful double clothesline. Comoroto tags in Q.T. Marshall and Marshall are getting a flurry of strikes before tagging in Dustin Rhodes, and Dustin gets in a cleans house until Terrell hits him with a big clothesline.

M'Badu is the legal man, and he gets some big strikes in on Rhodes. M'Badu tags in Terrence Hughes, and Terrence getting some strikes in. Dustin counters with a powerslam and then makes the hot tag to Comoroto. Comoroto begins cleaning out the ring and hits a few splashes. Now, everyone is in the ring. Marshall hits the diamond cutter on Terrence, and then Dustin hits the bulldog on Terrell. Comoroto finishes it by hitting a powerful military press slam on M'Badu and pins him for the win.

Winners: Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto

Rey Fenix vs. KC Navarro

The match begins with both men starting with a tie-up; Rey Fenix gains the advantage by tripping up KC Navarro. Navarro now gets in some offense when he counters Fenix with boots to Fenix's head, then Fenix catches Navarro when he jumps from the top turnbuckle. Navarro also counters that into the Sundog Millionaire. Both men are exchanging strikes, Fenix goes for a gutwrench powerbomb, but Navarro counters that also.

Navarro is trying to take advantage of Fenix being down; Fenix is playing possum. He goes right behind an unsuspecting Navarro. He knocks him off the turnbuckles and finishes it with a big frog splash. After the match, Fenix and Navarro embrace each other.

Winner: Rey Fenix

Tay Conti (w/Anna Jay and The Dark Order) vs. Tesha Price

Negative One is in the ring, and he is staying at ringside with Anna Jay. The match begins with a tie-up, but Conti starts taking control first and attempts to put Tesha Price in a submission hold, but Price gets out of it. Conti puts Price in a knee-bar while holding the ropes. The Referee, Aubrey Edwards, begins the five count, and Conti releases it.

Conti gives Price a big boot and follows it up with multiple clotheslines, and then hits her with a big knee in the corner. Conti now hits Price with a big elbow to the face of Price; Conti then picks Price up to and hits the Tay-K-O. She follows it up with the pin.

Winner: Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay)

The Waiting Room with Dr. Britt Baker

- Dr. Britt Baker begins by talking about Kenny Omega, and he can be a guest anytime he wants. Britt says The Young Bucks are welcome for putting their book over. Baker then introduces her guest from Team Taz member Ricky Starks. Starks comes out and says that he and Brian Cage will be taking on Sting and Darby Allin at Revolution. Starks and Baker are flirting somewhat. Tony Schiavone interrupts The Waiting Room and cuts off Ricky Starks, and says that they are all out of time. He says Keith Marshall is in his here, and they are indeed out of time.

Thunder Rosa vs. Dani Jordyn

The match begins with a tie-up; Thunder Rosa takes control right away and is getting multiple strikes. Dani Jordyn now takes advantage and is in control, but she grabs her notebook, giving Rosa enough time to recover, and now they are exchanging strikes. Thunder Rosa hits a rolling clothesline; Thunder Rosa then hits Jordyn with a big dropkick. Jordyn plays possum and hits Rosa with a DDT; however, it does not affect Thunder Rosa as she hits the Fire Thunder Driver and then gets the pin for the victory.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Fuego Del Sol & Vary Morales vs. Santana & Ortiz

The match begins with Fuego Del Sol and Ortiz. They exchange moves and holds until Ortiz hits Del Sol with a backbreaker. Ortiz tags in Santana, and they hit a powerful neckbreaker and powerbomb combination. They go for the pin, but Vary Morales breaks it up; Del Sol is up and now is in control of the match. Santana is laying it in on Del Sol, Del Sol has not been able to tag in, and Ortiz kicks Del Sol right in the face. Ortiz tags in Santana, and they hit the Fireman's Carry and Neckbreaker combo and get the win.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz

Leyla Hirsch vs. Katalina Perez

Leyla Hirsch takes control right away and kicks Katalina Perez hard while both are on the ground. Hirsch is being very aggressive and hits multiple German suplexes. Hirsch hits Perez with a nasty kick to the face, she follows it up by putting Perez in an armbar, and Perez taps out right away when Hirsch pulls hard on her arm.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch

- We get a rap music video from The Acclaimed, and all they are doing is taking shots at the different tag-teams.

The Acclaimed vs. Ryzin & Danny Limelight

The Acclaimed come out and rap like normal and take shots at Danny Limelight. The match begins with The Acclaimed attacking both Ryzin and Limelight, but Ryzin and Limelight overcome the attack and get some strikes. Limelight hits a big dive on Anthony Bowens; however, the Acclaimed takes over the match and get a flurry of strikes.

They now hit Ryzin with a flurry of elbows and strikes in on Ryzin. Max Caster has Ryzin in a headlock, but Ryzin gets out of it with some elbows, but Caster picks Ryzin and slams him down very hard. Ryzin makes the hot tag to Limelight and Limelight hits a big pump kick on Bowens, and he hits the Meteora on Caster. Limelight goes for the pin, but Caster kicks out, Ryzin tags himself in, and Caster hits Ryzin with the ripcord. They end it when they hit The Acclaim to Fame and get the win.

Winners: The Acclaimed

Bear Country, Sonny Kiss, and Joey Janela vs. Mike Verna, Aaron Solow, Baron Black, and Shawn Dean

The action starts with Joey Janela and Aaron Solow, Janela gets some strikes, and he tags in Sonny Kiss after tripping up Solow. Sonny Kiss is controlling the match until Solow makes the tag to Mike Verna, Verna hits a big powerslam on Kiss. Verna now tags in Baron Black, and Black is now in control and is absolutely beating down Sonny Kiss. Black now tags in Shawn Dean; Dean hits some gigantic elbows and strikes in on Kiss in the corner. Black tags in Solow and Kiss tags in Dean.

Janela takes over the match and takes out all four of his opponents. Janela hits the Death Valley Driver on Mike Verna, Janela goes for the pin, but it is interrupted. Janela tags in Bronson of Bear Country are now in the ring, and they hit the assisted splash. Janela then hits a big elbow drop on Verna and then follows it up with the pin.

Winners: Bear Country, Sonny Kiss, and Joey Janela

Vertvixen & Jazmin Allure vs. Ivelisse & Diamante

The match begins when Ivelisse and Diamante get in the ring; however, Vertvixen and Jazmin Allure take control, and they are getting a bunch of strikes in on Diamante. Now, Diamante and Ivelisse are exchanging tags and punishing Vertvixen with a flurry of strikes, slams, and kicks. They are keeping Vertvixen away from her partner, so she cannot tag in her partner. Ivelisse and Diamante exchange tags again, but Ivelisse lets her guard down, and Vertvixen tags in Allure and Ivelisse tags in Diamante.

Allure goes for a neckbreaker, but Diamante gets out of it. Allure and Diamante hit double knee strikes and then hit double round kicks. Ivelisse finishes it by pinning Jazmin Allure.

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante

The Gunn Club (w/ Austin Gunn) vs. John Skyler & Ray Jaz

The match begins with Colton Gunn, and Ray Jaz begin the match when Ray Jaz gets Colton in head scissors. Colton reverses it and puts him in a submission hold by grabbing and holding the ankle. Gunn is keeping control of the match until Ray Jaz hits Colton with a big shoulder to the gut. Billy Gunn is tagged in, and John Skyler is tagged in; Billy hits a sliding German suplex on John Skyler. Skyler gets out of the ring, and he goes to strike Billy Gunn, but Gunn catches him with a big elbow, but Skyler kicks Gunn in the midsection.

Skyler throws Gunn back into the ring, and he tags Ray Jaz in, and Ray Jaz gets some strikes in on Billy Gunn. Skyler hits a big spear on Billy Gunn, and now Skyler and Ray Jaz are exchanging tags and getting tons of strikes in until Billy Gunn hit Ray Jaz with a DDT. Billy Gunn makes the hot tag to Colton, Colton hits multiple clotheslines and then hits some big splashes on Ray Jaz and Skyler. The Gunn Club hit the 3:10 to Yuma to get the pin for the victory.

Winners: The Gunn Club

Alex Gracia vs. Red Velvet

The match begins with a tie-up, but Alex Gracia gets control with a wrist lock on Red Velvet. Gracia is controlling the action and into a full nelson. Gracia hits Velvet with a quick elbow drop. Red Velvet escapes and then hits Gracia with a big kick and throws Gracia into the corner. Gracia hits Velvet with a kick to the midsection. Velvet is on the outside of the ropes but hits Gracia with a big ax kick. Velvet goes for sunset, Gracia counters it with a dropkick. Velvet now in control and gets multiples kicks in on Gracia. Velvet hits a bulldog, and then the standing moonsault and follows it up by going for the pin; Gracia kicks out. Velvet then nails Gracia with a kick to the side of Gracia's head.

Winner: Red Velvet

Jake St. Patrick vs. 10 of The Dark Order (w/ The Dark Order)

Negative One is on commentary, and Preston Vance takes over the match right away, and 10 hits a big vertical suplex on Jake St. Patrick. St. Patrick now uses the ropes to hit 10 in the throat, and this allows St. Patrick to hit a big splash and then hit some strikes to the midsection of 10. St. Patrick is getting multiple strikes in on 10, but St. Patrick is now getting destroyed by 10. 10 hits a big spinebuster and then hits the deadlift powerbomb. 10 finishes it by pinning St. Patrick and gets the victory.

Winner: 10 of The Dark Order

Chaos Project vs. SCU

The match begins with collar and elbow tie-up, Kazarian takes control of the wrist. He attempts to hit Serpentico with an arm breaker, but Serpentico gets out of it. Serpentico gets back in the ring, and Kazarian nails him with a big chop to the chest of Serpentico. Kazarian tags in Christopher Daniels and Serpentico tags in Luther. Daniels and Luther exchange strikes, but Daniels was able to tag in Kazarian. Kazarian is in control of Luther, but Serpentico hits Kazarian with a cheap shot.

Luther is now in control because of the cheap shot; Luther tags in, grabs Serpentico, uses Serpentico as a weapon and drops him right onto Kazarian. Luther goes to pin Kazarian, and Kazarian kicks out, and Luther screams at the ref by telling him to "count faster." Serpentico and Luther are both getting some good strikes and kicks in on Kazarian. Kazarian gets to his partner and tags in Christopher Daniels, and now Daniels is cleaning house.

Daniels picks up Serpentico and throws him on top of Luther. Luther hits Daniels with a leg lariat, but Daniels is up, and he hits Angels Wings on Luther. Daniels goes for the pin; however, Serpentico breaks it up at two; Serpentico is now the legal man, and he goes for the big splashes on Daniels, and he hits Daniels with the DDT. Daniels now escapes it and tags in Kazarian. Luther goes in to stop Kazarian, and he does; right after that, he gets a good shot in on Daniels. SCU come back together hit Luther with the trip and falling clothesline. Kazarian comes back and hits the step-up enzuigiri on Serpentico. Daniels hits the Celebrity Rehab on Serpentico and follows it up with the pin for the victory.

Winners: SCU

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