AEW Rampage (1/27/2023) Results: Jamie Hayter vs Emi Sakura, Hangman Adam Page vs Wheeler Yuta & More

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AEW Rampage (1/27/2023).

- AEW Women's Championship Eliminator: Jamie Hayter vs. Emi Sakura.

- "Hangman" Adam Page vs. Wheeler Yuta.

- Powerhouse Hobbs In Action.

- Danhausen & Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) (w/ Orange Cassidy) vs. Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett (w/ Sonjay Dutt).

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Live Coverage.

- Jim Ross, Excalibur, Chris Jericho & Tony Schiavone welcomed the audience to the broadcast before transitioning to the opening match.

"Hangman" Adam Page vs. Wheeler Yuta.

Yuta hit a shotgun dropkick on Page to begin the match. The two exchanged strikes before Yuta locked in the Octopus Hold on Page before going for a sunset flip for a near fall. Yuta took down Page and locked in the Indian Deathlock on Page, but Page broke the hold with a rope break. Yuta hit a chop on Page in the corner before hitting more chops and forearm strikes on Page, but Page responded with a running boot at Yuta's face. Page placed Yuta in the corners before hitting two chops, but Yuta hit a series of chops before Page hit a forearm strike into a basement lariat on Yuta for a near fall. Page hit a punch on Yuta, but Yuta responded by placing Page on the apron and hitting a chin breaker onto the middle rope. Page got back in the ring and hit a fallaway slam before sending Yuta onto the apron before hitting a lariat on Yuta. Page hit a Tope Suicida on Yuta to the outside before sending him back in the ring, but Yuta ran the ropes to immediately hit a Tope Suicida on Page. Yuta hit a series of chops on Page before going for another Tope Suicida, but Page caught him and hit a pop-up powerbomb on Yuta onto the patron. Back in the ring, Page hit a Liger Bomb on Yuta for a near fall. Page hit a series of chops on Yuta before hitting a superplex on Yuta onto the mat. Page got Yuta in a waist lock, but Yuta broke the hold and hit a shotgun dropkick on Page from the middle turnbuckle.

After the picture-in-picture break, Yuta hit an atomic drop, an enziguri, a corner lariat, a divining forearm strike, a corner back elbow into a lariat & a bulldog on Page for a near fall. Yuta climbed to the top rope, but Page hit him with a forearm strike and a series of headbutts before Page hit an Avalanche Death Valley Driver on Yuta for a near fall. Page hit a German Suplex on Yuta hitting a second German Suplex on him. Page went for a third German Suplex, but Yuta widened his legs to lower his weight before reversing the waist lock and hitting three German Suplexes on Page. Yuta went for a fourth, but Page hit a series of back elbows on Yuta before attempting the Buckshot, but Yuta got him on the bottom rope and hit a series of Anvil Elbows on Page. Yuta slammed Page onto the ring post before hitting a German Suplex onto the apron, but Yuta rolled himself & Page onto the outside floor and hit a German Suplex on Page on the outside. Yuta hit a diving crossbody on Page to the outside before sending him back in the ring and going for a splash, but Page lifted his knees and got an Inside Cradle on Yuta for a near fall. Page hit a lariat on Yuta before attempting the Buckshot Lariat, but Yuta reversed it with the backpack suplex before hitting a Splash on Page for a near fall. Yuta hit the Anvil Elbows on Page, but Page caught Yuta's arm before hitting a rolling elbow strike on Yuta, but Yuta fired away with strikes before biting Page's head. Yuta was tossed to the outside by Page, but Yuta held on and to back in the ring, but Page greeted him with a Buckshot Lariat. Instead of going for a pin after the lariat, Page hit the Deathrider on Yuta for the pinfall win.

Winner: "Hangman" Adam Page.

- Ricky Starks & Action Andretti cut a promo backstage complaining that a baseball bat got the job done for Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara.

- Eddie Kingston cut a promo backstage before saying that House Of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, Buddy Matthews & Julia Hart) were right & that the real Eddie Kingston had to come out, saying that he believed he needed to go home.

Danhausen & Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) (w/ Orange Cassidy) vs. Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett (w/ Sonjay Dutt).

Jarret & Danhausen had a Guitar-off before Singh broke Danhausen's Ukelele. Taylor & Lethal began the match before Taylor hit an arm drag on Lethal. Taylor & Trent hit a back elbow into double-elbow drops on Lethal for a near fall. Jarrett tagged in, but Trent caught him with chops before hitting a back elbow and stomping on Jarrett's face. Taylor, Trent & Danhausen exchanged gut kicks on Jarrett before Trent & Taylor hit a double shoulder tackle. Taylor & Trent hit an Eat Defeat/ Half Suplex on Lethal. Singh got in the ring and confronted Trent, who hit a series of chops on Singh. Singh was unphased and launched him to the outside with an Irish Whip before Lethal caught Trent with a forearm strike. Back in the ring, Lethal hit a neck-breaker on Trent before Singh tagged in. Singh hit a back elbow on Trent before tagging in Lethal, who hit a double-axe handle on Trent's back for a near fall. Lethal hit a Catapault on Trent on the bottom rope before Jarrett hit an elbow strike on Trent. Sonjay punched Trent but was immediately confronted by Dutt on the outside. Jarret hit a senton on Trent into the middle rope before doing a strut into the commercial break.

Back from the commercial break, Trent got lethal in a victory roll for a near fall before Taylor tagged in. Taylor hit three lariats at Lethal before hitting a rising knee & a flatliner into a Koji Clutch, but Jarrett broke the hold. Jarrett tagged in, but Taylor leaped over Jarrett before hitting a drop toe-hold on Lethal onto Jarrett. Taylor hit a diving cross-body on Lethal to the outside. Taylor locked Jarrett in the Figure Four Leg Lock. Lethal went to break the hold on Taylor with an elbow drop, but Taylor evaded before Singh tagged in. Danhausen tagged in and laid in the strikes on Singh, but Singh was unphased until Danhausen hit a drop toe-hold on Singh into the corner. Best Friends exchanged guillotines on Singh on the outside before Cassidy hit an Orange Punch on Dutt on the outside. Danhausen went for a Guitar shot at Singh, but Jarrett hit Danhausen with a Golden Globe to allow Singh to get the pinfall win.

Winners: Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett (w/ Sonjay Dutt).

- Ruby Soho was confronted backstage by Dr. Britt Baker DMD during an interview with Renee Paquette. Baker told Soho to pick a side or step aside.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Tony Mudd.

Tony Mudd was in the mud as Hobbs laid him out with a vicious lariat, a forearm strike, two corner splashes, a corner lariat, a slam to the mat, and hitting the Burning Hammer on Mudd for the decisive & dominant pinfall win.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs.

- Top Flight challenged The Elite for a match for the AEW Trios Titles.

- Dustin Rhodes was interviewed backstage by Renee Paquette. Rhodes thanked the fans for being there for him during the rough month he had. Shane "Swerve" Strickland & Mogul Affiliates confronted Rhodes backstage by saying his brother (Cody Rhodes) ain't shit and was about to talk about Dusty Rhodes, but Dustin told Swerve to keep his name out of his mouth.

- Mark Henry presented a video package ahead of the match between Jamie Hayer & Emi Sakura before stating the following: "Well, there's been enough talk. IT'S TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT!"

- Lexy Nair interviewed TBS Champion Jade Cargill & Leila Grey backstage before Red Velvet & Kiera Hogan interrupted her and said to "cut the shit" that she would be the one to beat Jade Cargill.

AEW Women's Championship Eliminator.

Jamie Hayter (w/ Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Rebel) vs. Emi Sakura (w/ Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki).

The match began with Sakura evading Hayter's lock-up attempts twice. The two finally locked up before Hayter hit a shoulder tackle on Sakura, but Sakura pulled her hair and hit a chop on Hayter. The two exchanged chops before Sakura lowered the rope to send Hayter outside. Sakura hit a chop on Hayter on the barricade before hitting a running basement cross-body on Hayter onto the barricade. Back in the ring, Sakura tossed Hayter with a hair whip before hitting a wicked Shote and a running cross-body on Hayter into the corner. Sakura hit a chop on Hayter's hip before locking in the Romero Special on Hayter and slamming her onto the mat. Sakura locked in a Dragon Sleeper on Hayter before hitting a crossroads on Hayter to send her to the outside. Suruga tried to get involved, but Hayter caught her with a kick before Sakura hit a right-hand palm strike on Hayter to keep her outside as Rebel & Suruga argued on the outside. Back in the ring, Hayter hit a snap suplex on Sakura, but Sakura got back up and hit a chop on Hayter in response. Sakura got Hayter in a Guillotine choke, but Hayter slammed Sakura into the corner with corner spears. Sakura moved out and hit a series of chops on Hayter, but Hyater reversed it and hit a series of chops of her own. Sakura got out of the corner and hit a double-hammer strike on Hayter.

Sakura got Hayter in another corner and laid in the chops on Hayter, but Hayter fired back with more chops before Sakura hit another double hammer strike on Hayter. Sakura went for another chop, but Hayter responded by hitting three consecutive Exploder Suplexes, a corner back elbow, a corner lariat, a series of punches & a Uranage Backbreaker on Sakura for a near fall. Hayter went for a ripcord lariat, but Sakura evaded and hit a stalling double under-hook back-breaker on Hayter for a near fall. Hayter got put in a Crucifix by Sakura but responded with the Ushigoroshi on Sakura for a near fall. Hayter placed Sakura on the top rope and hit a cutter on Sakura. Hayter climbed to the top rope and went for a moonsault, but Sakura evaded and locked in La Casita for a near fall, but Sakura responded by hitting a Tiger Driver on Hayter for a near fall. Sakura hit a Moonsualt Press on Hayter for a near fall. Sakura laid in the slaps on Hayter, but Hayter responded with a vicious lariat before getting Sakura and attempting a Ripcord lariat, but Sakura responded with a Saito Suplex. Sakura got up, but Hayter caught her with another vicious lariat. Hayter ended proceedings and hit a Ripcord lariat on Sakura for the pinfall win. Hayter stood tall to end the broadcast.

Winner: Jamie Hayter (w/ Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Rebel).

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