IMPACT Wrestling Results for 6/7 IMPACT Tag Team Title Match, The Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan Feud Comes to a Close

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IMPACT Tag Team Title Match

Z&E (c) vs Drago & Aerostar

DJ and Drago start the match off, the two going back and forth before even shaking hands, then Drago drops Z with a chop before tagging Aerostar in. Aerostar does several front flips before Andrew tags in and does several back flips across the ring. Once they decide to take things seriously Star hits a huricanrrana and puts Andrew in a side headlock before dragging him over to his corner. Drago tags himself in and puts a head scissor on Andrew before dropping him with a thrust kick to the midsection. Drago and Aero hit a spinning cutter to Andrew for a quick two count before Andrew comes back and rolls over the back of Drago and tags Z in.

Z drops both of the Lucha Underground stars with arm drags before they drop him with a double shotgun dropkick for a quick two count. Drago hits a running splash in the corner and applies a headlock, Z coming back with a jawbreaker before Drago launches him over the top rope and onto the floor as we go to commercial.

Aero is in with Z as we come back from commercial before Andrew comes in and hits a hand spring back elbow to both Drago and Aero. Drago rocks Everett with a high knee before powerbombing him, Z hopping up on the top when Drago does and hits a sunset flip powerbomb. Z and E miss a double springboard moonsault before they come back and Andrew uses Z as a ladder to hit a phoenix splash. Everyone hits an aerial move to the outside before Drago rolls Andrew back into the ring and Aero hits a frankensteiner before Drago hits a rolling DDT. Aero then hits a slingshot DDT to Z, but misses a move off of the top when Z gets his knees up before Andrew finishes him with a 630 senton for the pin and the win.

Winner: Z&E defeat Drago & Aerostar via pinfall to retain their IMPACT Tag Team titles when Andrew pins Aerostar with a 630 senton.

-We get a video package showing how Su Yung defeated Allie last week to become the new Knockouts champion before going to a match between Rob Van Dame and Tommy Dreamer on the Global Wrestling Network.​​​

-We come back from commercial to the LAX clubhouse where Santana and Ortiz are talking before Diamante and Eddie Kingston show up, then Ortiz and Santana leave as Diamante and Eddie exchange looks.

Cult of Lee vs LAX

Santana and Ortiz grab Lee and Caleb and Todd them into the corner as soon as the match starts and stomps on them before sending Lee out of the ring. LAX team up on Lee once he's in the ring and Santana hits a standing moonsault for a quick two count. Santana sends Caleb out of the ring before Lee drops him across the top rope and Caleb drops Santana with a boot for a quick two count. Caleb sweeps the legs of Santana before dragging him over to his corner and Lee tags in, then Santana hits a rolling cutter before Ortiz comes in and hits a tope to the outside before quickly rolling back into the ring and getting a near fall off of a roll up. Lee hits a bridging German suplex before Caleb applies a jack knife pin for a near fall. Santana then sends Lee out of the ring with a superkick before pinning Caleb with a rolling cutter/sit-out facebuster for the pin and the win.

Winner: LAX defeats Cult of Lee when LAX hit Caleb with a combination sit-out facebuster/ rolling cutter.

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