MLW Fusion Results for 11/25/20 Episode #111 TJP & Tom Lawlor Advance to the Semifinals

Hey Fight Fans, it's time for tonight's edition of MLW Fusion!

- We get a video package for tonight's two matches in the opening round of the 2020 Opera Cup.

Recently Released NXT Star Announced As 'Literal Huge Acquisition' In Round Six Of MLW Open Draft

- We get a recap of Alexander Hammerstone being attacked by the newest member of Contra.

2020 Opera Cup Opening Round Match

Richard Holliday vs TJP

Richard shoves TJP away when they lock up before TJP locks in a standing side headlock. TJP takes Richard down to the mat before Richard counters into a head scissors and TJP dropkicks him. Richard counters an octopus stretch and rolls TJP up for two before picking his ankle and TJP hits a head scissors. Richard drops TJP with a shoulder block before they run the ropes before they counter each other until TJP dropkicks Richard out of the ring. TJP hits a missile dropkick to the outside before rolling Richard back inside, Holliday crotching TJP before stomping on him akin to Randy Orton.

Richard gets two off of a northern lights suplex before TJP locks in a sharpshooter before transitioning into a variation of a Muta Lock. TJP snaps the arm of Richard before hitting a head scissors before Richard hits a spinning side slam for two. TJP comes back with a tornado DDT and several suplexes before Richard hits a spine buster into the Market Crash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Richard Holliday defeats TJP via pinfall to advance to the next round of the tournament.

- The Von Erich family wishes everyone happy Thanksgiving as we go to commercial.

- We come back to Lio Rush cutting a promo in the recording studio before accepting Reed's challenge for his debut.

- We get a taped promo by King Mo and Dan Lambert who is upset about Low-Ki being in the Opera Cup.

- We go to the announce team before they're interrupted by Salina de La Renta who says that if she goes down she'll drop bombs on everyone in the company.

Calvin Tankman vs Robert Martyr

Calvin dropkicks Robert and chops him in the corner before Calvin hits a spinning backbreaker into a clothesline. Calvin then hits the Tankman Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Calvin Tankman defeats Robert Martyr via pinfall.

- We get an update on Alexander Hammerstone where he talks about his the attack by the Black Hand of Contra before it's interrupted by Josef Samael.

Opera Cup Opening Round Match

Tom Lawlor w/Dominic Garrini vs Rocky Romero

The two grapple on the mat before they get to their feet and Rocky locks in a cravat before Tom reverses into one of his own. Tom counters a submission before Rocky goes for a heel hook that Tom counters and they run into each other until Tom drops Rocky and sends him out of the ring. Rocky hits a flying knee off of the apron before Tom gets back into the ring at six and Rocky stomps Tom as soon as he rolls back inside. Rocky locks in a rear chin lock before locking in an octopus stretch before Tom gets free and Rocky hits a head scissors. Tom locks in a bow and arrow before locking in a cravat and kneeing Rocky in the face before hitting a side Russian leg sweep for two.

Tom stretches Rocky before Rocky comes back with chops only for Tom to take him down and lock in a heel hook. Rocky counters an ankle lock into an enzuigiri before punching and chopping Tom and locking in a standing guillotine. Tom throws Rocky across the ring with an exploder suplex before Tom goes for a rear naked choke. Rocky hits a tornado DDT before trapping him in the ropes and hitting a diving stomp for one. Rocky hits a single leg meteora before locking in an armbar before Tom counters into a rear naked choke and counters a Shiranui.

Rocky hits a running Shiranui for a near fall before hitting several running clotheslines in the corner. Tom hits a uranage before they exchange strikes until Tom counters a Shiranui in the corner into a back slide for a near fall. Tom then pins Rocky with a clutch for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tom Lawlor defeats Rocky Romero via pinfall to advance to the next round of the tournament.

- After the match Dom interviews Tom before Tom talks about how he was left out of last year's Opera Cup and that he'll go on to win this year as we go off the air.

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