MLW Fusion Episode 26 Results Teddy Hart vs Rich Swann, Brian Pillman Jr. Debuts

Vandal Ortugan vs Brian Pillman Jr.

They lock up for a clean break before Brian slaps Vandal and stomps him in the corner, Brian dropping Vandal with a forearm before kicking him in the spine and whipping him into the corner. Brian hits a running clothesline in the opposite corner for a quick two count before Brian hits a powerslam and drops Vandal with a knee strike for a near fall. Brian locks in a sleeper hold, but Vandal counters into a stunner before hitting a backstabber for a near fall. Brian then hits a swinging neckbreaker for the pin and the win.

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Winner: Brian Pillman Jr. defeats Vandal Ortugan via pinfall with a swinging neckbreaker.

-We get a vignette for the soon to arrive Mexican wrestling sensation Rush this Fall.

Jimmy Yuta vs Hijo de La Park

Jimmy immediately goes for a Boston crab, but Hijo counters and they grapple to their feet before doing several flips and running the ropes. They exchange arm drags and quick one counts before Hijo rocks Jimmy with a headbutt and drops him with a clothesline. Jimmy locks in a bow and arrow that Hijo counters by rolling on top of Jimmy for a quick two count before Jimmy gets one of his own. Jimmy hits a senton for a quick two count before they exchange chops until Hijo drops Jimmy and plays to the crowd. Hijo hits a huricanrrana and sends Jimmy out of the ring with an arm drag before hitting a suicide dive to the outside and brings his belt into the ring.

Hijo whips Jimmy with his belt before they go back and forth with running moves in the corner and Hijo hits a release German suplex. Jimmy rocks Hijo with a superkick before dropping him with a missile dropkick and hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Hijo then hits a running code breaker in the corner for a near fall before missing a moonsault and Jimmy hits a reverse DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jimmy Yuta defeats Hijo de La Park via pinfall with a reverse DDT.

Teddy Hart vs Rich Swann 

They both try to hype the crowd up before Teddy attacks Rich from behind and beats him down in the corner. Rich comes back with a few kicks before turning the tables on Teddy and beating on him in the corner. Rich gets distracted by Davey allowing Teddy to hit a lung blower into a lumbar check before hitting a powerslam when he catches Swann coming off of the ropes. Teddy hits a springboard senton for a quick two count before putting Rich in a bear hug and trying to lock in a double wrist lock as well. Teddy hits a DDT into a moonsault for a near fall before he misses a second one and Rich hits a dropkick into a springboard stunner for a near fall of his own.

Rich hits an exploder suplex for a near fall before Teddy locks in an ankle lock out of nowhere and Swann kicks him away. Swann hits a frankensteiner before Teddy rolls out of the ring to catch his breath and Swann hits a tope over the top rope and onto the Hart Foundation at ringside. Teddy suplexes Rich onto the floor before suplexing him on the concrete stage and Rich hits a flipping senton off of the stage. Teddy slams Rich onto a piece of the railing before hitting a split legged moonsault onto Swann on the railing and a draping piledriver. Swann rocks Teddy with a superkick before hitting a cutter on the apron and hits a phoenix splash for a near fall. Teddy hits a frankensteiner before Rich rolls through into a sharpshooter, but Teddy is quick to the ropes for the break before Teddy hits a code red off of the top and a lumbar check for the pin and the win.

Winner: Teddy Hart defeats Rich Swann via pinfall with a lumbar check.

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