This is the live viewing party for WCPW DELETE! The Broken One; Matt Hardy has made his way to England where he is planning to delete WCPW and is set to begin the deletion with fellow former TNA superstar; Bully Ray in our main event! We also have the WCPW World Championship on the line in a steel cage match as Joseph Connors defends his title against The Local Hero; Joe Hendry and the returning Drew Galloway! Cody Rhodes is back facing the WCPW Internet Champion; El Ligero and Will Ospreay is facing Martin Kirby after turning on him and joining Pacitti Club in a two out of three falls match!

We also have the WCPW World Tag Team titles on the line as The Coffeys will take on Moss and Slater as well as Moustache Mountain and Nixon Newell taking on The Swords of Essex and Bea Priestley and finally Alberto El Patron takes on Johnny Mundo! Be sure to come back here at 2:30PM EST for all of the action!

-It appears that Alberto will not be able to make it, but Mundo will still have a match.

Strong Style Collective vs Prospect Pre-Show Match

Dunne is in control early, but Archer is quick to turn it around, the two exchanging wrist locks then Dunne ties his legs up, biting his foot then Archer mocks him, but Dunne bites his fingers. Archer tags in Gracie then Archer rams Dunne's face into Gracie's trunks. Banks is tagged in and drops Gracie before chopping him then Dunne holds him by the nose as Banks tags him back in and Gracie reverses a double suplex. Archer comes back in then hits an elbow drop for a quick 2 count off the top rope. Dunne hits a German suplex then a fall away suplex, tagging Banks back in and they hit a double delayed dropkick for a quick 2 count. Dunne comes back in and they hit a double brainbuster for a close 2 count, Dunne keeping a hold of Archer by his hair then slaps him in the corner, following it up with stomps then Banks comes back in, the two tagging in and out and Dunne comes off the top rope and bites the arm of Archer. Archer hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissor then tags in Gracie who drops Banks then hits a side slam on Banks, sending Dunne to the outside then Banks hits Dunne by accident with an enzuigiri. Gracie hits a lariat off the top rope then Banks misses a cross body. SSC drop Gracie then Archer comes off the top rope and hits a double missile dropkick, following up with running forearms to Dune. Prospect put Banks in a tombstone position then kick the legs out from under Dunne and makes him tombstone Banks. Banks hits a cannonball to Archer in the corner then Archer takes out Gracie over the top rope when Dunne gets out of the way. Banks and Dunne hit a spike DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Strong Style Collective via pinfall

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