WWE NXT Results for 7/4 Johnny Gargano vs EC3, Heavy Machinery vs The Mighty

Hello Fightful faithful, and happy Independence day! While you're enjoying the evening and fireworks, NXT has fireworks of their own with a great show tonight so we hope you enjoy the next hour of coverage of the NXT brand!

Dakota Kai vs Santana Garrett

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They lock up before Kai puts Santana into a side headlock, then they exchange wrist locks before Santana drops Dakota with a shoulder block. The two run the ropes until Dakota hits a dropkick, then Santana hits a series of arm drags into a variation of an octopus stretch. Santana hits a Russian leg sweep for a quick two count before locking in the Muta lock, but Dakota gets to the bottom rope right before she taps. Dakota comes back with two running boots in the corner and a question mark kick before hitting a sunset lung blower for the pin and the win. 

Winner: Dakota Kai defeats Santana Garrett via pinfall with a sunset lung blower.

-NXT Women's champion Shayna Baszler comes out to the ring and talks about her match with Nikki and puts down every top woman in the division. Shayna says that she is the reason they had a second May Young Classic and that it was very difficult to find an opponent for her before saying that no matter who they put in front of her she will put them to sleep before leaving as we go to commercial.

Handicap Match 

Otis manhandles both of the Australians before sending them out of the ring by tossing them over the top rope. Once back in the ring Otis rocks Shane with a forearm before Nick grabs him from behind and tosses him out of the ring when Shane is busy with the referee. Shane gets a quick two count once Otis is back in the ring and he and Nick double team Otis with a double back suplex for another quick two count. The Mighty go for a double suplex, but he ends up suplexing them and drops both Thorne and Miller with clotheslines before hitting a double running splash in the corner. Otis slams Shane down before doing the worm and hitting diving elbow drops to the both of them.

Otis then misses a Vader bomb off of the second turnbuckle before The Mighty hit a northern lariat for the pin and the win. 

Winner: The Mighty defeat Otis Dozovic via pinfall with a northern lariat.

Chris Dijak vs Velveteen Dream

They lock up for a clean break before exchanging boots and Dijak tosses Dream across the ring before catching Dream on the top. Dijak tosses Dream before Dijak discus boot before Dream sends Dijak out of the ring and face first into the ring steps. Once he's back in the ring Dream hits a hammer lock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Velveteen Dream defeats Chris Dijak via pinfall with a hammer lock DDT for the pin and the win. 

EC3 vs Johnny Gargano​​​​​

Johnny hits EC3 with a series of right hands before EC3 rolls out of the rings and Johnny goes after him. Once they're back in the ring Johnny continues his onslaught until EC3 hits a flat liner and rolling neckbreaker for a quick two count. EC3 starts focusing on the injured neck of Gargano before Johnny comes back with a series of forearms until EC3 drops him with a back elbow. EC3 hits a running forearm in the corner before once again focusing on the neck of Gargano. EC3 hits a scoop slam before hitting a jumping elbow and Johnny sends him out of the ring before Johnny hits a spear through the ropes. Johnny puts EC3 back in the ring and hits a running forearm in the corner before EC3 drops him with a lariat for a quick two count. Johnny goes for the Gargano Escape, but EC3 counters it and Johnny goes for a triangle, but EC3 hits a sit-out powerbomb to the break out of it. Johnny counters the One Percent into the Gargano Escape, but EC3 gets to the bottom rope for the break. Gargano nearly gets disqualified when he reapplies the Gargano Escape and won't break it when EC3 gets to the ropes before nearly knocking EC3 out with a knee strike. Johnny then hits a draping DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano defeats EC3 via pinfall with a draping DDT. 

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