Rhino Won't Confirm Or Deny If He Was Under The Mask At Slammiversary

Rhino is still being tight lipped about Impact Slammiversary.

During a show, a person with his characteristics, physical similarities and finishing move attacked Michael Elgin. However, the Rhino-esque charatcter was also under a mask. Rhino himself was still under WWE contract, and when speaking to Sporting News, wouldn't give an answer one way or another.

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"I cannot confirm or deny. But I will go on the record of saying I was still under contract no matter who I worked for. Whether it's my word or a contract, I will do it justice. But with that being said, Rob Van Dam was also under contract when he appeared on Monday Night Raw for the Reunion show.

So, does Impact and WWE have some sort of backdoor understanding type of agreement? Or was that not me? Or was that me? Did WWE allow me or give my blessings? Because at the end of the day, what are they going to do? Fire me? But at the end of the day, doing business is one of the essential things in wrestling. I try to stress that to younger talent. It's always beneficial to do good business because it ends up being best for the wrestling business and the fans."

Rhino left WWE a few weeks later, passing on a downside guarantee that he claims was double of what his previous one was. He's now signed a deal with Impact Wrestling, making his return to the company official.

What looked like the same person from Slammiversary was laid out a couple of weeks later, only for Rhino to actually appear....under a mask and reveal himself.

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