Ryback Talks WWE Exit, Terms Of His Contract, What WWE Offered

Ryback has spoken out about his WWE departure.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion released the first episode of his Conversation with The Big Guy Podcast, and spoke about his exit from the WWE.

According to Ryback, he walked away from the WWE's offer of $1.5 million over three years, $500,000 per year. Ryback, real name Reeves, said that out of that $1.5 million, about $1 million of that would have went directly to taxes and travel, leaving him with about $166,000 per year. He noted that he was happy with his financial situation, but promises being broken and the creative direction, he wasn't happy. He also said that the WWE should be paying for hotel and rental cars for talent.

"Me and Hunter had many talks over the last year, and they were pretty heated. I told him it wasn't about money, it was about creative. When I'm told I have to go out and lose in two minutes... that what truly bothers me. When they tell you your merchandise is on a ship for three years, when I can go do it myself in two weeks. I was happy with the number me and Vince had come to an agreement on, it's so much more than that."

He also spoke in regards to his independent date asking price, which he didn't confirm, but is reported at $5,000. He justified that by saying that for his price, you get him wrestling, a meet and greet, as well as the benefit of using him in advertising.

"It's not as much money as you think after you start taking away some of those expenses. For what you're putting your body through and what you're doing and the amount of work you're doing and the amount of money you're earning the company, it's just one of those things I think needs to be looked into," said Ryback.

We'll have more from Ryback's podcast throughout the week.