Sean Ross Sapp's Match Ratings, Notes For WWE Smackdown Live (10/31/17)

Opening segment

  • Shane McMahon basically describes Smackdown being upset about Raw because of draft pick numbers and such.
  • He announces himself as captain of the Smackdown Survivor Series team.
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Two out of three falls match
Survivor Series qualifier 
Bobby Roode defeated Dolph Ziggler

  • This feels much more fun as a Smackdown match with stakes than a PPV match without any.
  • I continue to enjoy Roode's Blockbuster.
  • Ziggler wins the first fall in four minutes with a superkick, which makes me wonder why this stipulation is happening.
  • Second fall happens during the break. WELP. I kind of like that, but whats the point in the first falls being so short?
  • Ziggler lands a big DDT and Zig Zag for great nearfalls.
  • There's a great callback to their first few matches with tights holding, but Roode gets the win on a Glorious DDT.
  • 3 falls in like 11 minutes. 

Backstage crappenings

  • New Day are dressed as Jimmy Hart, Akeem and Brother Love, and Rusev isn't happy about it. This hilarious Halloween segment leads to a match being made and Aiden English singing. Joyous and fun all around.
  • The women's SS team is backstage and Ellsworth is dressed as a dog. He gets sprayed with water by Becky. HEH. Who says "YOU SEE" in casual conversation? Am I missing all this? Natalya puts a lot of pressure on Charlotte to get the win. 
  • Backstage, Gable and Benjamin reveal that they have a tag team title match next week, and could replace the Usos at Survivor Series. They then run back one of the shittiest promos of all-time -- Gable rapping.
  • Fashion Files is back. Fun as usual, but getting a little old to me.

Baron Corbin defeated Sin Cara via DQ

  • Newly re-signed Sin Cara.
  • I'd like to echo my sentiment about how good Corbin is at brawling. The commentary is shitty though, and screams "OH!" with every strike.
  • Cara and Corbin work well together.
  • Corbin is trying to yank Cara's mask off, and Cara whips Corbin's ass.
  • Can't wait for the "IT'S NOT BELIEVABLE FOR SIN CARA TO BEAT UP BARON CORBIN" comments. Those should be fun.
  • This qualifies as a REAL PROPER ass kicking.
  • Sin Cara talks about the importance of his backstage. He's muffled. Fix that shit. 

AJ Styles defeated Samir Singh (w/ Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh)

  • Jinder Mahal cuts a promo on Brock Lesnar. I don't know what it is. His delivery, maybe the sour feeling of his whole run. He's just tuned out. 
  • Samir Singh gets tackled and kicked. Styles Clash. Real quick.
  • Jinder Mahal and The Singhs jump Styles. Styles sells like crazy for Jinder.
  • Jinder has a great heel look  -- face wise. He slings Styles into the ring post in a pretty good beating. 

Rusev (w/ Aiden English) defeated Big E (w/ New Day)

  • I miss seeing Big E as a singles wrestler. But he's wrestling as Akeem.
  • Tom Phillips calls Big E the "A"-keem. Shit.
  • Big E really eats it on a ringpost spot. 
  • "I wish you'd pretend you're Booker T, Byron, then I'd have a good commentary partner"- Corey Graves.
  • These two remind me of how nice the WWE Hoss Division used to be.
  • Aiden English and Xavier Woods have a song-off. Aiden eats the Big Ending, but Rusev wins with a kick.
  • This was a lot of fun. 
  • One of the greatest things is that Rusev has learned what "elated" means from Renee Young.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kevin Owens 
Survivor Series Qualifier

  • We're seeing a rarely motivated Shinsuke Nakamura. 
  • He's laying in his strikes. 
  • There's some really good back and forth, and stiff shots from Nakamura. He's controlling the match, but Owens is getting some hope spots. 
  • I'm very surprised to see Nakamura take a super fishemerman's buster.
  • These two fit together very well. A shame we can't see it at the top of the card because the show is being hijacked for a market that WWE can barely charge for (until the next TV deal in India).
  • Sami Zayn saves Kevin Owens from defeat, which allows KO to hit a great frog splash.
  • Clearing off the announce tables is way less dramatic with those tiny LCD monitors.
  • Randy Orton makes the save and Nakamura wins. That was good stuff. 
  • Orton has made a table bump his signature.
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