Sean Ross Sappdown Live (8/8): ELLSWORTH IS BACK!

Opening segment

  • John Cena comes out and says John Cena stuff.
  • He's interrupted by Baron Corbin who says Baron Corbin stuff.
  • John Cena gets the crowd to chant "dumpster fire." I get the feeling that'll stick.
  • Baron Corbin is every bad heel stereotype.
  • A super over Daniel Bryan books them against each other at Summerslam.

Usos defeated Tye Dillinger and Sami Zayn

  • Tye Dillinger and Sami Zayn both got great reactions in Canada. They'll be getting heat for the Usos this evening.
  • Not much action before the commercial, but it got wild right after.
  • A big dive onto the Usos from Zayn and then a Sky High from Dillinger.
  • A curb stomp to the knee and a Tequila Sunrise wins it for the Usos.
  • I'd love Zayn and Dillinger as a full time team.
  • New Day attack Usos from behind. The crowd loves them.

Charlotte defeated Lana

  • Lana's gimmick rules. It's basically "God loves a tryer."
  • Charlotte keeping up the family tradition of getting pantsed. Hope Sienna never did that in 2016.
  • This was a good squash.

Shane, Styles, Owens

  • There was so much good here. Owens bringing video of why Shane can't be trusted.
  • Styles says Shane will have to answer to any shit he pulls. He accidentally kicks McMahon.
  • Shane's shoes are A+!

Backstage crappenings

  • Randy Orton is unmotivated. I don't get the desire for WWE to push a guy like this.
  • A new Fashion Peaks. Arn Anderson makes a cameo and admits to tearing up Tully the Horse.
  • Tamina says Lana will never wrestle like her. Shit, with any luck. Tamina says Lana is ambitious and want sher help getting a title shot.

Carmella defeated Naomi

  • The crowd really didn't get behind those Speedball kicks. A lot of Naomi's other offense works so well, though.
  • JAMES ELLSWORTH IS BACK!!!! He helps Carmella win! All hail or whatever.
  • Man, a "YOU'RE GONNA LOOK LIKE ELLSWORTH" promo from Natalya. Really original.....

Randy Orton defeated Jinder Mahal

  • The shame is, this may be my favorite match between the two. It didn't mean a damn thing to me.
  • The crowd was really behind it, which was a nice chance, and anywhere between one to four months too late.
  • Amazing reversal from Mahal's finish into an RKO.
  • Rusev kicks Orton as we go off the air.
  • Not sure why Mahal got pinned, but it's consistent with his booking thus far. He always needs help.

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