A good wrestling angle will bring out all types of emotions from fans across the globe. They can make us happy. They can make us sad. They can make us angry. The key is the follow through, hopefully making us want to continue watching and seeing what the next steps are.

The last few years of Daniel Bryan's career alone gave us stories and angles that pretty much covered the entire spectrum of emotions. Fans were angry that their guy lost to Sheamus in 18 seconds at *points at sign* WrestleMania 28. They were motivated to root for him during the entire "B+ player" story. They were as genuinely thrilled as could be when he became the WWE World Champion at *points at sign* WrestleMania 30. They were heartbroken when he was forced to retire due to injuries. They were eternally hopeful that his retirement was nothing more than a story advancement, and that he would be returning to the ring. They were saddened once again when they began to realize that his retirement wasn't merely an angle.

It has been 13 months since he retired, but the conspiracy theorists out there are still saying that Bryan will eventually make his return to the ring. With the invention of Talking Smack, the WWE Network's post-show for Smackdown, we've seen the continuation of the Daniel Bryan/Miz feud we've seen since Bryan made his NXT debut in 2010. Talking Smack tweaks things a bit and leans towards a "shoot" style of interviews, no more so than when Bryan and Miz are getting at each other's throats. For a while now, it seems like WWE has, at the very least, wanted people to think that there was a possibility of Daniel Bryan coming out of retirement for a match against The Miz. Initially, people expected that match to take place at *points at sign* WrestleMania, but then those expectations changed to "eventually". Every week, both Bryan and Miz take all kinds of shots at each other, creating a tense atmosphere and causing viewers to wonder how much of what is being said is a work and how much of it is a shoot.

Last week, Daniel Bryan himself played up the idea of him wrestling again, essentially hinting that his WWE contract is up in about 18 months and that he isn't wrestling right now because WWE won't let him, not because he "can't". Back in September, Dave Meltzer reported that Bryan's contract with WWE expired in 2018, so the timeline matches up there. When Bryan made those comments, he set the internet on fire. Let's look at that "18 month" line a little further, and view the possible scenarios that have been laid out before us.

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