Swoggle Speaks On Being The Last Holder Of The WWE Cruiserweight Title Prior To Its Reintroduction, And Talks Working With DX

Swoggle opens up about his tenure in the business.

The 4'5 Swoggle has tallied up a total of fourteen years in the pro wrestling business. In his tenured career he has traveled many of roads and captured a number of championships in different promotions/companies. In 2006 Swoggle was introduced to WWE fans as Finlay's "Little Bastard" and as his career went on he would soon become a WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Prior to the TJP who was the inaugural winner of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament and the inaugural champion of the reinstated Cruiserweight Title, Swoggle was the last competitor to hold the championship.

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While speaking with UPROXX Swoggle gave his take on wanting the WWE Cruiserweight Title [belt] back.

"Yeah, and they never did anything with it, ever. And I just want that real title [belt] they never gave me, 'cause they always said, 'We’re gonna bring it back.' I said, 'No, you’re not, you’re not gonna do that.'  I just want the real one."

During a portion of Swoggle's run in the WWE he was paired up and did a number of segments with Triple H and Shawn Michaels who at the time were a revamped version of D Generation-X. "The King Of Small Style" stated that those were some of the more memorable moments from his time in WWE and it was an honor to work with his hero.

"Oh, it was insane. I was working with my hero every night, for tours. I was doing DX pyro every night in England and all over the world for like five months. DX pyro is the coolest thing ever. Throwing glow sticks, and literally taking the glow sticks and trying to whip them as hard as I could at the second-tier seats and hopefully catch someone off guard so it hits them. It was the coolest thing of my life." He continued. "A lot, 'cause they weren’t watching me, cause they were watching Hunter and Shawn. So, I was just — "fwoom", and I would just laugh the whole way. But it was … Man, that was so cool for me. That came out of nowhere so fast. One day I was working with Chavo and Masters and Evan Bourne, and the next I’m part of DX, and it was off to the races."


Swoggle also discussed the name change of WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal, his relationship with El Torito and more. To listen to the full podcast with the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, click here.

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