Taeler: Jonathan Gresham Is The Face And Franchise Of ROH's Future

Jonathan Gresham is the face and the franchise of Ring of Honor's future. Jonathan Gresham is a name known quite well among the Independents within the Pro Wrestling Industry. He has been performing and honing his craft since he was roughly 16 years old. An accomplishment I might add, that's a lot harder than simply signing up for a wrestling school. It's a dream, time, money, bumps galore, tape studying, gym time, diet, lifestyle, gimmicks, networking, learning, honing, and so much more. Any dreamer can respect the hustle it takes to make a dream become reality. Wrestling in more than 15 countries, Gresham has built himself a solid name and foundation upon which any company would be lucky to utilize, quite wise to monopolize, and to mutually elevate.

Today, Jonathan Gresham is perhaps, in my opinion, one of the most technically sound wrestlers out there. I think there's honestly very little he can't do. Technical wrestling, high flying, lucha libre, martial arts...From Chikara and Beyond Wrestling to Reality of Wrestling and Impact Wrestling to Evolve and overseas, Gresham has held his own with the likes of Brian Cage, Matt Riddle, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor, Zack Sabre Jr, and numerous others in his 15 year career thus far. Many names that (you reading) this will probably recognize. Names that are doing quite well for themselves in all of the currently televised companies from WWE, AEW, Impact, and New Japan. With such a resume and memorable matches for fans, it is without doubt that I say, Jonathan Gresham possesses the calibre to be the future of Ring of Honor, of whom boasts, "The Best Wrestling On The Planet…" There's no best wrestling conversations without the necessity of adding an individual like Jonathan Gresham.

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When you see a Pro Wrestler invest so much time, energy, heart, and soul into their craft, it's no surprise to see the result. Over the last two years, Gresham has risen to the challenges presented to him and proven his worth over and over again. Ring of Honor has within their grasp a signed talent that is truly versatile. A pure Athlete through and through with passion everything he executes. A Superstar who has put in that work and reinvented himself to give fans that inspired work of his prior that was enjoyed prior to Covid 19. He's taken it upon himself to add immense value to himself which is smart businesss-wise as well as for longevity.

Thriving and not just surviving in an industry like Pro Wrestling, is literally painstaking. Jonathan Gresham has done exactly that - reinvented himself and thrived. 15 years in this business is no easy accomplishment. Yet, Gresham still pours everything he's got into every match and every vignette. When you think of a star becoming the face of a company, as a business that's a gamble. Will the person draw? Do people connect with that star? Is that star accomplished enough to work with almost everyone and every style? Are they marketable? Do they appeal to kids and adults? Are they good for morale?  On the business side of the industry, there's a lot that goes into being a successful Pro Wrestling Superstar that's simply not explained in wrestling schools and therefore must be learned through opportunities and study of which Gresham has done both...

These are real factors that can decide how long a company is around and/or profitable. As a Superstar, you should have answers to these questions and how they apply to you. And when I see Jonathan Gresham perform, he has it and he gets it. Performing Versatility, T.V ready gimmick, good aesthetic look, dedication to the craft, appreciation for the business, integrity, gumption and role model qualities. He has all of these attributes that add up to a Superstar being worthy of becoming the face of a company. Gresham could be the perfect Pro Wrestler to place the ROH World Championship on in 2020. Gresham's name should be in that conversation. Gresham will be a breathe of much needed fresh air to that World Title to start a new… The best wrestling on the planet isn't the best without Pro's at the level of Jonathan Gresham. Gresham is ROH World Title talent and he most definitely is the future of ROH. His time is now. ROH can't go wrong with betting on Jonathan Gresham as their face and franchise for the best wrestling on the planet.


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