TAELER: Sha Samuels Versus Levi Muir Highlights The Promising Future of NXT UK 

On the latest episode of WWE NXT UK, fans had some riveting WWE programming complete with shakeups reverberating through the NXT UK ranks. With a growing plethora of NXT UK stars residing within the WWE brand - all are vying for coveted championship gold and recognition. Few opportunities that are far between with which to gain the advantage over the rest of the competition leads to heightened motivations that separate the one percent from the rest. The drive to be better and do better to achieve better all in the pursuit of the same dream. After a lengthy absence as the Pro Wrestling landscape transformed itself to survive the pandemic and this 'new norm,' the NXT UK competition has understandably heated up to a boiling point and is providing the perfect atmosphere for its stars to attain new previously unobtained levels of greatness on ascent to their fullest potentials as the undeniable future of the WWE.

For lack of better descriptive imagery, every NXT UK Superstar has been weathering the pandemic trying to stay ready for any and every opportunity that could come at a moments notice. Be it an opportunity to shine, championship bout, or even a gauntlet to become the number one contender. All of which are valuable and highly sought after. That one performance that could cement your career's legacy and begin your forward trajectory towards superstardom. Now all of that sounds amazing. Awe-inspiring even. But as every star in this industry knows, being ready as a Pro Athlete takes lots of tenacity, determination, and a singularly focused work ethic. A habitual discipline if you will. Combined all that with immense passion for the sport and a tough mental fortitude at the best of times.

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On the other hand, at the worst of times, say a global pandemic for example, your resilience and fortitude as a Pro Athlete will be tested to the maximum in all aspects. Your ability to remain motivated at your top optimal level while finding any means necessary to hone your innate abilities. Thus bringing out your own creative ingenuity by which dictates how much you truly want to achieve your dream. In other words, if it was easy, everyone would do it and they'd all be successful. However, as we all know, life doesn't quite work that way, and neither does the pursuit of childhood dreams. However, as I've often said with redundancy in my Children's Books, "when others say your dream is impossible, that is when you have to find the 'I'm possible' in your dream…" And that's exactly what NXT UK Superstars are doing now.

And that brings right us back around to the latest episode of NXT UK. The WWE fans who tuned in to watch the latest episode of NXT UK were rewarded with a hard hitting and even harder fought bout between two fellow NXT UK stars - Sha Samuels and Levi Muir. Both of whom continue to impress and simultaneously upping the level of expectations from NXT UK fans and the WWE Universe as a whole. Since signing to WWE NXT UK in January 2021, Sha Samuels has shown he possesses a powerful grit and intrinsic knowledge about him as he continues to fight his way up the NXT UK ladder of success. While on the newer side of NXT UK signings, he's left fans with nary a complaint about his in ring abilities as he proves why age isn't just a number - its a level up! With roughly twenty years veteran experience in the business, Sha Samuels knows even in a losing effort that he's levels ahead of the rest and will stop at nothing to claim what he's already deemed is his. Every fighter knows that in defeat we learn a new lesson and in winning we know we applied that lesson - his bout with Muir was no different. NXT UK comes to expect a propensity for an explosively violent prowess coming from the hungry beast residing inside Sha Samuels...

While he's yet to earn his first win on his WWE NXT UK record, Levi Muir continues to impress with each and every match. Every appearance Muir has made since signing with WWE has seen him grow as a competitor and is indicative of the potential WWE saw when signing him. Going up against a veteran of twenty plus years is no easy feat to come out on top in. Unless hunger, raw talent, and perhaps a quick capitalization on a moment of weakness from a veteran would lead to a win. However, it's the effort with which Levi Muir approaches each match that seems to resonate with fans in the WWE Universe. Barely twenty matches into his WWE career at NXT UK, one can expect great things from Levi Muir going forward. Squaring off with competition the likes of Sha Samuels shows a lot of spine and confidence to stare in the face of opposition without flinching. Its matches like this between Muir and Samuels that will ensure Muir's growth as a future WWE Superstar on the rise which is the very essence that built the NXT brands.

There is most assuredly more to come as NXT UK Superstars like Sha Samuels and Levi Muir collide in the pursuit of championship gold and childhood dreams. Tune in to NXT UK weekly for impressive matches like this one. Who will challenge the Scary Queen of Scots as her 600+ reign continues? Will Trent be especially pensive next week after San Gradwell's strong words of disdain? Coming soon, will A-Kid win the Heritage Cup against Tyler Bate? Will Aoife Valkyrie be able to bounce back after suffering her first loss to the legendary veteran Meiko Satomura? Who will Sha Samuels and Noam Dar set their sights on next, perhaps unfinished business with Mustache Mountain? Will Levi Muir use lessons learned from his bout with Sha Samuels to gain his first ever NXT UK win? Stay tuned to find out!

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