Taeler: Why You Shouldn't Hate "Sasha 3 Shows!"

Scrolling through timelines on various social media platforms, it became abundantly clear on just how split fans are when it comes to Sasha Banks being on all three WWE shows. (Raw - Smackdown - NXT.) While collectively the die hard fans of The Boss are cheering from every corner of the world with the same sentiment - FINALLY.

There's the other side that's screaming give other women a chance to shine. Women such as Liv Morgan, Naomi, Bianca Belair, Shayna Baszler, Ruby Riott, and others. Both sides of the coin have their valid opinions, but let's ponder the facts of what this really means from a business perspective as well as entertainment...

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Before hating the self proclaimed, "Sasha 3 Shows," here's what you should consider that's not usually broken down. Opportunity - Attention - Viewership - Money - The Build. As I've previously stated and will continue to do so with redundancy is the fact that success is not a pie. More success for someone else doesn't mean less success for you. By WWE putting Sasha Banks in such a strong position to shine with opponents on all three shows, that provides a pop with some heat. Dual purpose. It brings attention. More people tune in to see what happens which boosts up the dropped ratings by more viewers. It indirectly creates more opportunities for more women. How so? Easy - if Sasha dropped the ball, with so much at stake, do you think that would help women get on T.V. in prime spots? Probably not. When you think in business terms, every minute of T.V time is money. With Sasha on all three shows for extended matches, promos, commentary, etc., that's a lot of money being invested. Boosts Sasha and will subsequently boost the women's division as a whole by proxy allowing more T.V. time for the division with purpose. Add on top of that, the boost of potentially being the woman on the roster to finally dethrone Sasha 3 Shows.

There is a rhyme and a reason for quite a few things that are often overlooked because they're never broken down. With the missed opportunity of Shayna Baszler defeating Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania, and then Money in the Bank and the loss at The Royal Rumble, this would be the perfect time to start rebuilding Shayna in conjunction with the rise of Sasha. This would be the next best option for Baszler as far as her opportunities on the main roster. By rebuilding Baszler, she could be quite the credible threat for Sasha, making a good feud, story worthy, and purpose. While attention is on that, it's a good time to start building others like Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair to give more depth and diversity to the division so that the credibility of potential contenders isn't lacking. Think back to the conundrum of Lynch flying through everyone and then creative thinking, 'okay where do we go from here?' The answer is usually a simple one with some slide of hand. Do something on the left while sneakily building something on the right. Eventually, they'll have to collide in the middle. That collision should be built to mean something.

There's several possibilities as far as Sasha 3 Shows is concerned. One could be a blowout feud with Bayley. Another could be her and Asuka. Another wise one would be her and Baszler. Either way, while Sasha is killing it, she's showcasing her worth for herself as well as what women are capable of doing when its presented the right way and hard work by the star is put in. Ten years ago this would have been just a fleeting dream. Now, it's a reality. One in which fans can enjoy. That's progress. Overcoming obstacles creates new opportunities. The more opportunities created, the more you'll get to see and enjoy. Better opportunity means more jobs. More jobs means more dreamers can succeed. The more success the more money that can be made. The more success the higher the ratings, sponsorships, advertisers, and so much more. It's all connected.

So before you think to hate on seeing The Boss on your screen on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, think about what it really means, and if successful, what opportunities it could lead to. After all, it was once a milestone for Trish and Lita to be the main event on Raw. For Trish and Victoria to have a hardcore match. For a Women's Royal Rumble Battle Royal. If they'd failed, we may not be having this conversation today. Fast forward, we've seen Lynch, Flair, and Rousey main event Wrestlemania! The resurgence of the Women's Tag Titles, once prestigious and held in the early stages of the WWF by women like Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria. It's all connected and has a purpose even if it seems nonsensical. They're all milestones of progress, opportunity, attention, hard work, money, viewership, and the insane build ups. Sasha 3 Shows will be another milestone to open more doors in the futureā€¦

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