TikTok Star Chef Reactions Dishes On Beef With Baron Corbin, Wanted Corbin To Slam Him Through Table

Chef Reactions spills the beans.

Throughout 2023, TikTok star Chef Reactions repeatedly roasted WWE's Baron Corbin, as he insulted Corbin's cooking. The two went back and forth on social media, and they met in person at WWE SummerSlam. They worked out their beef, and Chef said they would only have a problem if Corbin cooked him a mediocre steak.

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Speaking with Matt Camp on The Wrestling Matt, Chef Reactions discussed how he started working with WWE. He noted that he watched Camp on WWE's The Bump, and they started talking. He then opened up about his feud with Baron Corbin.

"The whole Baron Corbin thing was a work. There you go. Oh no, wrestling isn’t real. No shit. It’s a fucking story. No seriously, you [Matt Camp] had put me in touch with the WWE, and I kind of had the idea because I had seen Baron doing the cooking videos, so I’m like, ‘Here’s an idea.’ I was like, okay, why don’t I start a feud with Baron Corbin over his cooking videos? I’ll react to the cooking videos, and I’ll just totally annihilate him to the best of my ability.’ So we had a meeting, myself, WWE, and Baron, and we talked, and he was on-board. He’s with it. That dude, he’s a goer. Everybody knows that. He’s fantastic," Chef Reactions said.

Chef then made it clear that he was not picking a fight with Corbin, as the beef was limited to social media. He described how he went hard with his insults, and Corbin was cool with it. Chef spoke high;y of Corbin and said he was a nice guy.

"That’s another thing. People are like, ‘Oh, you’re picking a fight with Baron Corbin.’ No the fuck I’m not. You think I’m gonna pick a fight with a Golden Gloves boxer? Nah dude, I’m good. So the whole thing went down on social media. There’s a compilation actually on YouTube, I put them all on YouTube, just six minutes of me shitting on Baron Corbin. Normally in my videos, I talk only about the food, right. It’s strictly about the food. I never talk about the people in the video. Maybe I’ll crack a random joke, but with the Baron Corbin stuff, I went fucking hard on Baron Corbin, and he was 100% cool with it. The dude deserves his fucking flowers. I respect anybody who puts in the work, and that guy has been putting in the work for a long time. Sorry for letting the cat out of the bag on the beef. Speaking of beef, learn how to cook it better. But the whole thing about him is he was very kind to me, very humble. Just a very super nice guy, and I’m very happy to see him now back up on the main stage, and I hope he just keeps fucking killing it," Chef said.

Chef also looked back on their collaboration at WWE SummerSlam 2023 and reiterated that Corbin was very gracious. He stated that it was a blast, though Corbin accidentally broke his watch when they were filming.

"That all came to a head at SummerSlam, where we met up and we shot a video that was very funny. Like I said, he was just super gracious. It was just a blast to do that with me. He broke my watch, though, when he was man-handling me. He broke my watch. I had to fix it. The pin came out. It was not a Baron Corbin level-watch. It was not a big deal," Chef said.

After Chef joked that he made Corbin popular on social media, Camp said he was bummed that the two of them did not have a match at WWE SummerSlam. Chef Reactions agreed and stated that he wanted to get put through a table.

"So was I. I wanted him to put me through a table or some shit. I was game for whatever," Chef said.

Corbin recently returned to the main roster after a successful run in NXT, as he was drafted to WWE SmackDown.

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