Off-Track with A-Train: Goldberg Says He's Not Going To Headbutt Lockers Anymore

Goldberg came out to the ring last night with bleeding from a small hole at the top of his forehead that he put there when he headbutted a locker.

This is something he did for years in WCW and during his first run with WWE. He did to get himself amped up for his matches.

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But this wasn't a match. It was a PROMO.

A promo that he delivered very poorly because it's possible he gave himself a concussion when he VOLUNTARILY SLAMMED HIS CRANIUM INTO A HARD SURFACE, JOSTLING HIS BRAIN IN HIS SKULL.

Everyone watching at home collectively had the same thought: "Why do you do that to yourself, you big dummy?"

The good news is that Goldberg has apparently seen the light and he agrees with us. He posted this to his Instagram today:

 He might still be loopy, since it wasn't a "pre-match" anything. It was a "pre-promo" headbutt. Also, if he's admitting that he was loopy, are we worried about concussion protocol and impact testing? We're not, right? That's not a thing we're going to choose to care about this time, right?

Cool, just making sure.

And finally, Bill, you should definitely think about changing "for now" to "forever." Just saying.

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