The Twitters Of #Broken House Hardy Are Giving Us Clues ... To What, We're Not Sure

So Matt Hardy might be trying to tell us something.

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 Exactly what, is unclear. Matt sometimes speaks his own unique language, like a Pentecostal preacher speaking in tongues or like those twins that use words only the other can understand. Except Matt Hardy is neither a twin or a Pentecostal preacher. That we know of.

So let's get a quick update on where things stand with the likelihood of getting a fully Broken Matt Hardy in the WWE.

You might have seen a report floating around other websites that the WWE had agreed to "buy" the gimmick from Anthem Impact Wrestling. We didn't publish those reports because we believed them to be untrue.

And now here's Reby to back us up.

Reby does have an idea for how that rumor got started, though. 

But where does Matt stand with all of this? What are his thoughts?

Well, it appears he's been busy Un-Dilapidating his boat.

Looks like the Expedition For Gold was all to get Skarsgard a fresh coat of paint.

Also, lest you think Matt has forgotten about those fiendish Owl-Men of Anthem...


He Just Said The Thing!

We can all report now that he's definitely going to be fully Broken soon, now, right?

Well, not really.

As you can see, he's conflicted. EXTREMELY conflicted.

But right after he Tweeted that, he Tweeted this:

So what's the deal?

Is Matt Hardy Broken or not?, you ask. If not, why not?

I want things the way I want them, I and I want them that way NOW, you say.

Well, Reby has something for you there as well.

Yes, let's all be patient ... until Matt Hardy Tweets something cryptic again and then we'll all read way too much into it.

Or we can wait for Matt and Reby's next Twitter exchange about major appliances, and then I can write an article about it.

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