Will Ospreay Thinks "Best Wrestler In The World" Debate Comes Down To Styles vs. Omega vs. Okada

Will Ospreay gives his take on the best in the world conversation.

The topic of best wrestler in the world varies between companies, promotions and the fans who watch those respective companies and/or promotions. "The Aerial Assassin" Will Ospreay engaged in a social media feud with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins this past week which led to the conversation of who's the better wrestler between the two arising. Both men gave their respective opinions on the subject and while appearing on Wrestling Observer Radio, Will Ospreay gave his take on who is the best wrestler in the world. He first clarified that his goal is to not to be the best in the world but to do the best that he can and said that if he had to choose, it would be between either AJ Styles, IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada and added Kenny Omega's name to that list as well.

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“I don’t care about being the best in the world. I just care about doing the best of my abilities. If you ask me my genuine opinion who the best wrestler in the world is, I genuinely think it’s a toss up between Okada and AJ Styles. To be fair, you can put Kenny [Omega] in there as well because I think Kenny is just on another level. But just for me, the consistency of Okada and… there’s just different aspects of it for me and that’s the thing like you said, there’s a list of guys that you could probably call the best in the world and, there’s way too many guys." He continued, "I’m not far from being the best in the world. I’m just doing the best of my abilities and I just want to give my best because the moment I start -- and forgive me for bringing this up, but the moment I get in my head [like] star ratings are the only thing that matters to me or anything along those lines, that’s when maybe you’ll get into my head and I’ll push my body too far. I just wanna do the best that I can physically every night. I don’t want to push myself. I just want to do the absolute best that I can do physically.”

Will Ospreay is on tour with New Japan in Australia for the company's Southern Showdown events and following those shows is the 2019 G1 Climax tournament.

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