WWE Smackdown on FOX Results for 6/25/21 Bayley & Rollins vs Cesaro & Belair

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE Smackdown on FOX!

- In the locker room Jimmy meets with Universal champion Roman Reigns ahead of his State of the Universal Title Address later tonight.

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Bianca Belair & Cesaro vs Bayley & Seth Rollins

Seth and Cesaro start the match off as we come back from the break to the match already in progress as Cesaro is making his comeback by hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and tagging in Bayley as Bianca clotheslines her and drops her with a shoulder block before Bayley tags Seth back in. Seth misses a knee before Cesaro hits a knee lift in the ropes and an uppercut before Seth hits a flat liner into the middle turnbuckle and hits a snap mare into a PK before driving his knee into Cesaro's midsection and the two counter each other before Bianca comes in and slams Bayley before hitting a standing moonsault. Bayley then rolls out of the ring and drops Bianca across the barricade as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Bayley now in control of Bianca back in the ring before Bianca hits a back drop and gets the hot tag to Cesaro who hits Seth with a diving cross body before swinging Seth and Bayley distracts Cesaro when he goes for a sharpshooter before Seth gets two off of a small package. Cesaro then goes for the Neutralizer before Seth drops Cesaro when Bayley distracts him before Bianca breaks up a near fall and Seth and Cesaro brawl at ringside before Seth bumps into Bianca and saves Bayley from the KOD before Bayley hits her finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bayley and Seth Rollins defeat Bianca Belair and Cesaro via pinfall.

- Backstage Paul meets with Jimmy where Paul explains to Jimmy that he needs to step up as right hand man in Jey's stead and win a match tonight before they arrange for Jimmy to have a match later tonight.

- We go to the ring for the coronation of Shinsuke Nakamura as the new King of Smackdown as Baron Corbin looks on backstage and is subsequently interviewed where he's a shell of a man and questions why he's with the company before leaving.

- Backstage Seth meets with Sonya and Adam and says that no one deserves a shot at Roman more than him before they turn him down and Seth leaves.

Money in the Bank Qualifier
Big E vs Apollo Crews (w/ Commander Azeez)

E backs Apollo into the ropes and dumps him out of the ring before Apollo gets back inside at seven and kicks E in the midsection before beating E down with right hands before E drops him with a back elbow for two before Apollo hits a DVD onto the apron as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Apollo in control of E before hitting a dropkick and grounds him with a rear chin lock before E gets to his feet and comes back with an overhead belly to belly and a normal belly to belly before hitting a jumping splash before Apoolo hitsa trio of Germans for a deep two count. E rolls Apollo up before locking in a stretch muffler and Apollo gets to the ropes for the break before Apollo drops E with an enzuigiri before Apollo knocks E off of the top and hits a diving splash for a near fall before hitting a straight jacket German for another near fall. E then hits a uranage at ringside before rolling Apollo back inside and the referee ejects Azeez before Apollo rolls E up for a near fall and E hits the Big Ending for the pin and the win.

Winner: Big E defeats Commander Azeez via pinfall.

- We get a backstage interview with Sami Zayn after his victory over Kevin Owens at Hell in a Cell.

- We go to the ring where Sonya reveals the first competitor for the Smackdown Women's side of competitors for the Women's Money in the Bank match, which is revealed to be Carmella before she's interrupted by Liv Morgan and the two exchange words before Liv slaps Carmella. Sonya then gets between the two and tells Liv to beat Carmella and if she does she'll get a spot in the match as well.

Liv Morgan vs Carmella

We come back from the break to Carmella in control of Liv as Sonya looks on from ringside before Liv sends Carmella face first into the middle turnbuckle and Carmella superkicks her before hitting her with back elbows and a bronco buster as Natalya and Tamina look on from backstage via a monitor. Carmella shoves Liv's face and slaps her before Liv hits a springboard flat liner for a near fall when Carmella gets her foot on the bottom rope before Carmella gets a near fall off of a clutch and sets Liv up top before superkicking her and hitting a frankensteiner that Liv turns into a jack knife for the pin and the win.

Winner: Liv Morgan defeats Carmella via pinfall and earns a spot in the Women's Money in the Bank match.

Jimmy Uso vs Dolph Ziggler (w/ Robert Roode)

Jimmy takes Dolph down before beating on him in mount and Dolph gets to the ropes before they exchange head locks and standing switches before Jimmy drops Dolph with a spin kick before Dolph scrapes his face across the top rope and dropkicks him for two before slamming Jimmy by his hair and hitting a jumping elbow drop for two. Jimmy then sends Dolph over the top rope and down onto the floor before Dolph hits a Zig-Zag onto the steps as we go to commercial.

Jimmy and Dolph exchange before Jimmy headbutts Dolph and counters a famouser before Dolph gets two off of a sunset flip before Jimmy superkicks him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jimmy Uso defeats Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.

- Roman and Paul are backstage after Jimmy comes back from winning his match before Paul tells Jimmy to stay backstage as Roman and Paul make their way out to the ring for the State of the Universal Title Address where they go to make an announcement and Edge comes out and attacks Roman. Roman next lays out Edge with a Superman punch before Edge spears him when he grabs a chair before he goes to hit Roman with a Conchairto and Jimmy saves him before Edge sends Jimmy into the stairs and spears him through the barricade. Roman and Paul then leave up the ramp as Edge stands tall in the ring as we go off the air.

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