WWE Smackdown Live Match Ratings And Notes For 2/13/18 From Sean Ross Sapp

Opening segment

  • The first match never gets started. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens attack Baron Corbin, who wants more. They then come out and attack Dolph Ziggler too. Ziggler and Corbin were both made to look strong in this segment.
  • Ziggler and Corbin getting their asses kicked and coming back for more got them more over with me than anything in the last year.
  • Backstage, Shane McMahon goes off on Daniel Bryan about Owens and Zayn. Corbin vs. KO and Zayn vs. Ziggler are happening tonight. If Corbin or Ziggler win, they're added to the Fastlane title match. If KO or Zayn interfere, they're out.
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Charlotte Flair (w/ Naomi & Becky Lynch) defeated Sarah Logan (w/ Riott Squad)

  • I thought this was going to be another tag team match, but Naomi and Becky are just at ringside.
  • Logan works over Charlotte through a commercial and lands a short arm clothesline.
  • Charlotte's hits the ropes on a big boot attempt, and Logan essentially does a Ballsplex for two. 
  • Charlotte gets Natural Selection for three. She missed some spots. Logan looked a little better than her.

Fastlane Qualifier Match 
Baron Corbin defeated Kevin Owens

  • Owens takes control early and hits Corbin with sentons and Cannonballs after running him into the ring post. 
  • Rusev Day chants in the middle of this match.
  • Corbin adopting the chokeslam/backbreaker a while back fits him. The overused Bossman spot doesn't, but it gets a good reaction. 
  • A Deep Six gets two, then Owens cracks him with a superkick. Corbin counters a Pop Up Powerbomb with End of Days for the win!
  • Corbin has never been hotter on WWE's main roster than on this night.


  • Bobby Roode makes an open challenge. Randy Orton answers but Jinder Mahal interrupts and trolls Orton about being #9 on the Superstar top ten list.
  • Orton buries the list. Jinder Mahal trolls some more, but Roode says nobody respects Jinder. Roode suspects Orton attacking everyone is why his ranking is so low.
  • Orton responds by RKO'ing the Singh Bro. Khallas on both.
  • This wasn't that bad. 

New Day (w/ Xavier Woods) defeats Training Day

  • New Day come out and try to eat a bunch of pancakes.
  • hot topical Olympic reference by Gable. Training Day throw pancakes and New Day get mad. This is the dumbest shit.
  • They're having a match.
  • Benjamin cracks Kofi with a big knee, then Gable lands a rolling kick.
  • After Big E gets pulled off the apron, Kofi mushroom stomps Gable and hot tags Big E. 
  • Big E's splash looks better than Warrior's ever was. He gets German suplexed by Gable.
  • Midnight Hour on Gable for the win.

Backstage crappenings

  • If you've seen a Ziggler promo in the last ten years you've seen tonight's.
  • Bludgeon Brothers smash a TV with the Usos on it.
  • Kevin Owens tells Zayn he has to win to help their chances. Zayn says it's every man for themselves.

Fastlane Qualifying Match
Dolph Ziggler defeated Sami Zayn

  • Production tonight is particularly insulting. 
  • Ziggler has a great neckbreaker, and a greater dropkick to a flying Zayn.
  • The Fameasser, when done right, is one of my favorite moves in wrestling.
  • Tom Phillips mentions that a chance to headline WrestleMania was why Ziggler came back.
  • Exploder Superplex from Zayn!!! That superplex is one of my favorite WWE spots in recent memory.
  • Zig Zag countered from a missed Helluva Kick! Two count. This is excellent
  • Superkick wins an outstanding match for Ziggler. 
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