As the play-by-play announcer on WWE SmackDown, Corey Graves knows there are buzzwords every week that he must repeat. Whether it's "building momentum" or "brand supremacy" or any nickname thrown out every week, WWE announcers are often stuck repeating the same words during the broadcast.

And Corey Graves is kind of over it. When discussing Brock Lesnar's unprecedented announcement that he would be entering the WWE Royal Rumble at number one, Graves stated that he got a little tired of a certain word.

"The massive announcement Brock Lesnar being the number one entrant into the Royal Rumble match because nobody is deserving of an opportunity at his WWE Championship. 'AN UNPRECEDENTED MANEUVER!' I guess, if you want to look at semantics and technicalities, it is 'unprecedented' but, didn't Roman Reigns start the Royal Rumble match as WWE Champion? I know it was against his will and Brock volunteered to fight 29 other guys, so I guess, technically, but I wouldn't harp on the 'unprecedented' thing," he said on WWE After The Bell. "I'm just nitpicking because I say phrases week after week after week to burn them into your brain. And unprecedented, clearly, was meant to be burned into our brains."

He continued, "The other phrase that I never want to hear again on WWE television, I'm as guilty as anybody at saying it ad nauseum; 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.' Kevin Owens was the culprit this week, but I feel like for the last year, I have said that phrase no less than 600 times. Because we keep telling the same story....hint hint."

Owens used the line on Raw to explained his friendship with Samoa Joe, as both men were attacked by Seth Rollins and The Authors of Pain.

On a previous podcast, Graves has stated that he is not a fan of so many rematches taking place. You can view his full comments by clicking here.

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