Drew McIntyre Praises Gargano/Almas's Match At 'TakeOver: Philadelphia', Says He Plans To Be Back WrestleMania Weekend, More

Drew McIntyre is on cloud 9 following being inducted into the Insane Championship Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

Former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre was inducted into the ICW Hall Of Fame today. Prior to McIntyre's massive achievement, he spoke with The Mirror about a number of topics including: recovering from his torn bicep injury, Johnny Gargano and Andrade "Cien" Almas's classic NXT Title match, working out with his good friends, Sheamus & Jinder Mahal along with much more.

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McIntyre is only the second person in ICW history to be inducted into their Hall Of Fame, which is an accomplishment in its own right. But the "Chosen One" wants to thank two men for making this possible; ICW promoter Mark Dallas and NXT overseer/WWE executive, Triple H.

"I'm friends obviously with Mark Dallas the promoter and a couple of the lads were with him and they just messaged me to let me know. They said 'We're going to put you into the Hall of Fame at the upcoming Fight Club tapings, the biggest one ever and we just want to recognize what you've done for the company and done for Scottish wrestling'. It really meant the world to me, I didn't know what to say. I've won a lot of titles and they were very big moments, but this is personally very special to me". McIntyre added. "After they actually sent it, I contacted Triple H and told him about it and he personally endorsed me going. The reason I'm going is because Triple H believes in ICW and was very happy for me. Receiving this opportunity, he told me: 'You should go there and be there in person'. That's the reason i'm going to be there, to go there and be in person, when initially it was just going to be done on the show as a little tribute without me there; really does mean the world. I'm going to be going home, in my home company and with all my friends on the show and in the crowd, with my family there. You can't buy that kind of stuff."

Following Drew McIntyre's release from the WWE in 2014, he returned to his native home of Scotland and was able to have a second run in ICW. In a recent interview with Glasgow Live, McIntyre stated that once he was released from the WWE, he knew that Insane Championship Wrestling was where he was headed next. McIntyre commented on how his second run was more enjoyable than his first in ICW.

"Absolutely, it was night and day the difference, even with Mark, the promoter. He was the first guy I ever met. We met each other when I was 14, when a guy claimed he could teach us to wrestle. It turned out he was absolutely clueless and just taking our money. I then had to go to England to learn how to wrestle, but Mark told me, he said: 'I want to be a big promoter one day'. Paul Heyman was his idol and I said I want to be in WWE one day and we both went off and did that. He took ICW to the heights he was taking it. I was in WWE, but then when I returned, we worked together and built the company from where it was and the phenomenon that it was, to WWE working with it now. I can't even put that into words, how do you put that into words? Your lifelong friend and yourself had a dream, you did it and you've done it together, you take it to the level where they didn't need me anymore, so I made my return to WWE and now I get to come back and still hang out my friends and be recognized and celebrate the success of Scottish wrestling together. It's mental, it's like a dream, I'm pinching myself."

The "Sinister Scotsman" had a ton of momentum following his return to NXT. It would not be long before Drew McIntyre held gold for the black and yellow brand, but unfortunately at NXT TakeOver: War Games, McIntyre suffered a torn bicep which would sideline him and has kept the big man out of action since November. McIntyre states that he is feeling great and is ready to lace up his wrestling boots again.

"Yeah I'm great, it's obviously not ideal. I became NXT Champion, I came back and I was flying high and I showed the world Drew Galloway was ready to be the flag bearer, was ready to take on the responsibility I wasn't ready for the first time and then I got hurt and I lost the title. That wasn't ideal, I was obviously pretty upset at first, but then I came home, I sat with my wife and evaluated things and I realized I hadn't had this time off in 17 years that I've been wrestling. This is the first time I've had three months off in my entire career. I've had the chance to sit down, reflect, take a look at how I can better myself and I've really come up some good ideas. If I was a champion and I was able to take myself to the level I was able to take myself to before, the way I'm thinking now, the way I'm going to come back now, I'll be a whole different animal and anyone who is in that building can take one look at me and see if I'm ready to return because I've got my sights on New Orleans."

At NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, Johnny Gargano & Andrade "Cien" Almas put on a fantastic match for the title that Drew McIntyre held prior to his match against Almas at 'War Games'. The former two-time ICW World Heavyweight Champion praised both Gargano and Almas and deemed it one of the best matches he's ever seen.

"What can you say? One of the best matches I've ever seen". McIntyre followed with. "Just when you thought it was over they took it to another level and another level, it was incredible. Johnny Gargano is someone I've known for years; we've been EVOLVE Tag Team Champions together, we've wrestled each other many times over the years. Almas is somebody who came in with all the talent in the world and wasn't quite reaching his potential. We started wrestling at live events and televised shows and I thought 'This guy has got something' and then they introduced Zelina Vega and she brought something out of him that wasn't there before. He took it to the next level and started reach that potential. I don't want to make excuses, he's an incredible athlete, but it took dirty tactics and my bicep coming off for him to beat me. If you take two guys as good as they are, put them in the main event of a platform like NXT TakeOver, they are going to give you magic. But they gave us more than magic that night and I was very proud to be part of NXT because that's what it's all about, stealing the show from RAW and SmackDown."

The former NXT Champion is looking to get his hands on the NXT Title again, as he has his sights set to return on WrestleMania weekend for NXT TakeOver: New Orleans.

"Like I say, initially when I got the surgery they predicted five to six months. I will tell you this now, I've got my sights set on New Orleans and those who are there for the biggest party of the year at ICW, the only night of the year I'll be able to return to ICW, it will be a very special night and those who are there can take a look at my bicep for themselves and tell me how it looks."


Drew McIntyre suffered an untimely injury, but that was not the first setback that he has had in his career. McIntyre says that he is looking to WrestleMania weekend to make his return and hopefully, that is the case because with an already stacked NXT roster, McIntyre returning would do nothing but add to the fantastic talent that is a part of the brand.




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