Ember Moon Reveals That She Had Emotional Breakdowns During WrestleMania Week, And Discusses Her Dive Onto Sasha Banks On RAW

Ember Moon had one hell of a WrestleMania season.

For two years Ember Moon had been climbing the ranks of the NXT women's division looking to obtain the NXT Women's Championship. After two failed attempts at defeating Asuka she earned her spot in a Fatal 4-Way match at NXT TakeOver: War Games this past November where she bested Kairi Sane, Nikki Cross and Peyton Royce to become the new NXT Women's Champion. Moon reigned for four months until she was taken down by "The Queen Of Spades" Shayna Baszler at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans two months ago. The buck did not stop there for Ember as two days after her title loss she made her Monday Night RAW debut and started off her main roster career with a bang as she pinned the former four-time WWE Women's Champion Alexa Bliss.

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Those were hectic times schedule wise for Ember Moon as it all started with WrestleMania week activities. Moon went on to discuss that blur of a week while speaking with SportingNews.

"First of all, that week is just a blur as a whole. It's appearance after appearance, which I signed up for, so, I did it to myself. I signed up for everything pretty much and doing charity stuff all week with Make-A-Wish and the WrestleMania Reading Challenge and Be A Star and trying to get so many things to crank out and do." She continued, "Like I said, a lot of that I volunteered for personally because I support those causes. A lot of that week is a blur because you're working on no sleep and then I was doing stuff with Up Up Down Down during my off time as well. I do remember it was after TakeOver when they told me. It was at the end of the night, I think like 1 AM, 2 AM, after the show and everyone is packed up. They pulled me and said, 'Hey Ember, we need you in this room right now, and I was like 'Oh, snap. Alright, what happened?' I walk in the room and I see Triple H and Matt Bloom and Sara Amato there and they have very stoic faces so I'm thinking, 'Oh man, what did I do? I'm in trouble, that's it, here's the hay. Thank you for everything you did, see you later.' It was so stoic and so quiet.

Then Triple H starts talking and he goes, 'Ember, thank you for the match at TakeOver, thank you for everything else that you've done here at NXT, we really appreciate it. As of Monday, you'll be a part of the "RAW" roster, and I was like what? It went by so quick, just that whole phrasing went by so quick that I totally missed the back end of it and I was still processing the front-end thinking I'm in trouble. Then I said what? He goes, 'You're going to "Monday Night RAW" and, like, I have this emotional breakdown right there. My legs stop working and the floor is coming closer for some reason and I'm in high heels which is not a good factor either." She said. "I woke up and maybe, maybe I'm starting to cry and I look up and there's a camera in my face. I go why do you guys have to ruin things with cameras as its right up in my face, and they're like that's what we do, this is your life now. Then I had to keep it secret for two days, which was burning a hole in me. They were [like], 'Don't tell anyone. Don't tell family, don't say a word.' Even then, I didn't know that I was having a match. They just said, 'Hey, this is what's happening so we need you to report to RAW. Go talk to some people so they can tell you what you're going to next as far as moving' and this and that because we're all stationed in Orlando for the most part. I go and I check in and say I'm here and I'm going to be in catering if you need me, and they're like 'No, no, no, you have a match.' I'm sorry, what? 'You have a match tonight so go get dressed and we'll tell you details later.' I'm like ok and for some reason I forgot how to dress myself because I was having another emotional breakdown. 'No, no, they're joking, they just want me to take some photos.' Then I debuted on Monday Night RAW, the RAW after WrestleMania and it was crazy." Ember shared. "I still can't believe it happened. I still can't believe the Rumble happened. It was a surreal experience, especially when my music hit and everyone just lost it, and being able to tag with Nia Jax who I've known since she was in NXT; it was a really cool and surreal moment and I'm glad that's my debut."

Moon is already making strides on the main roster as she has the chance to earn herself a championship match this Sunday in the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder match. This past Monday on RAW the women who will be representing RAW in the Ladder match clashed in Fatal 4-Way. During the match Ember went for her patented bottom-rope "suicide dive" and crashed right into Sasha Banks; bulldozing "The Boss" over into the barricade. Ember stated that she loves doing that move and that it is very effective for her.

"I love doing that dive in particular. It's very effective as you can see. It's one that I call a heat-seeking missile. I haven't figured out a moon-pun for it yet." She said. "I take risks, that's what I do but if I take the risk, I'm going to make sure I get the reward. Sometimes you see dives that don't quite hit the mark or fall a little short but, for me, I don't want that question because if I fall short, that means I'm going to get hurt and I'm already afraid of heights so I'd rather not take that fall. If I'm going down, I'm going to take someone with me. That's always been my mindset with it so the more speed I get behind it, the less likely that person is to move or dodge out of the way."


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