AKIRA: Getting Hit With A Vinyl Bat Feels Like Being Clawed By A Tiger

AKIRA names the worst weapon to be hit with.

AKIRA has become known for his deathmatches, competing in everything from normal street fights to light tube bouts to Taipei deathmatches. Competing in a variety of deathmatches means being hit with just about everything, including the kitchen sink.

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Speaking to Jeremy Lambert & Joel Pearl on In The Weeds, AKIRA was asked what the worst weapon is to be hit with.

"Vinyl bats. I’ve had people take vinyl records, saw them in half, and make bats out of it with jagged edges of the vinyl. The worst pain I ever felt in my life was that. It felt like I got clawed by a tiger. It’s the stuff that nobody listens to, which makes it more insults. It’s like Mambo Number 5. You get clawed by it and you’re like, ‘Somebody was mad at me.’ The first time I did it was when I did the roof jump in Atlantic City in 2020. It hurt so bad and you could see the agony on my face. The person that made the bat messaged me, ‘I’m so sorry for making that.’ I was like, ‘You owe me money.’ They sent $100 as an apology. I have a scar on my back and it looks like a tiger clawed me. That or a razor board. Razor boards hurt. I like them, but I’m a weirdo. I can’t suggest it for everyone. I don’t have much worry about most weapons, but the most pain was always a vinyl bat. Every time I see someone grab one, I kick it out of their hands and go, ‘No, never. Not again,'" he said.

Imagine getting Babe Ruth'd by Pink Floyd's "The Wall."

Elsewhere during the interview, AKIRA commented on how much Raven has helped him in MLW. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

Check out the full interview with AKIRA in the video above.

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